Heisenberg has yet to fill out a bio.

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  • Legendre Damien posted 443 days ago

    Legendre Damien

    HI ! Thank you for sharing !!

  • Phil Fry posted 684 days ago

    Phil Fry

    Awesome profile dude.

  • Peter Griffin posted 707 days ago

    Peter Griffin

    Best character ever.

  • HEISENBERG posted 1285 days ago


    Everyone knows i'm the real and only HEISENBURG... you phony

  • HEISENBERG posted 1289 days ago


    you fake

  • B Legacy posted 1487 days ago

    B Legacy

    Sorry to say that tonight Rick and the Prison crew will end you!

    Glad to see another Walking Dead fan on here. Cheers.

  • Amber Lee posted 1696 days ago

    Amber Lee

    I wish I played enough Madden to do that!!! I *try* my best to get into video games...but I generally fail. My expertise kinda died at Super Mario Brothers 3.