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I joined B/R in December of 2011. I acted as a sportswriting and copy editing intern after joining, before moving on to become an NFL Gameday Correspondent in 2012. I also acted as the 2012 NFL draft Cincinnati Bengals Correspondent and Special Projects Contributor while doubling as an NFL league-wide featured columnist.

Currently I serve as a Cincinnati Bengals Featured Columnist and a member of the Breaking News Team. Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter.

Contact me at cr254607@gmail.com.

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  • Ed Muraski posted 11 days ago

    Ed Muraski


    I wonder where you got your stats? OSU was 3-0 vs top 25 (not 1-0). They beat MSU, MN and WI. All were and currently are rated in the top 25 of College Football Playoff Rankings.

    You state, "Jones needs to prove in his second start that he can help uphold Ohio State's gaudy stats in the face of a top defense:" then proceed to compare OSU's defensive stats vs Alabama's offensive stats. What about OSU's offensive stats vs Alabama's defensive ones? It would have been nice to see both sides. Based on the article I felt you were biased toward Alabama.


  • Susan Turek posted 32 days ago

    Susan Turek

    You're welcome, Chris!

  • Ryan Desmarais posted 63 days ago

    Ryan Desmarais

    Not a problem, Chris!

  • LeeAnn Lassiter posted 69 days ago

    LeeAnn Lassiter

    You're welcome, Chris!

  • Jay White posted 87 days ago

    Jay White

    Hey Chris I'm sure everybody makes mistakes but as a South Carolina Gamescock fan, I'm trying to figure out how can you be writing a report on the South Carolina and Mizzou game but put Texas A&M Injury report and list South Carolina players ahhh were you drunk or just trying to be a smart a** I will give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to you being drunk. COME ON MANNNNN!!!!!

  • Matt Spears posted 94 days ago

    Matt Spears

    Always welcome, Chris. Keep making my job easy!

  • LeeAnn Lassiter posted 104 days ago

    LeeAnn Lassiter

    You're welcome, Chris!

  • Gary E Brown posted 138 days ago

    Gary E Brown

    What makes you think you are qualified to write articles like Studs and Duds" and criticize professional football athletes? You have a long ways to go to acquire the necessary experience to be able to do so. You use comments from underachievers like yourself who don't know very much. What about those who know the game like Scouts, GMs, Coaches, former and current players. They have credibility and you still need to earn your stripes. Case in point, you call Derek Carr a dud. How many college games have you see him play? Have you personally been at the training camp? From the team owner, GN, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach have all raved about Carr....however your so called report is out of balance. Go beyond the Raiders staff.....Coach Gruden in his assessment of all the QBs said Carr had the best arm of all, including a couple of your so-called Studs. How about his stats....led the nation with 50 TDs? You support your logic on 2 persons like yourself who say he didn't take direct snaps from center so he fumbled some snaps. Yes, the new coach changed the system to the spread, however Carr took snaps his entire sophomore year. Think about the players, their families and the team staff an how they might feel when you call someone a Dud. Personally, I think you need to grow up and gain more experience before you play at being judge and jury. By the end of the season be prepared to eat your words.

  • Eyeat Deek posted 138 days ago

    Eyeat Deek

    you write like a mentally challenged 3rd grader. not to mention you look like one.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 138 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Chris!

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