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  • carnivorous Potato posted 1721 days ago

    carnivorous Potato

    really, you copied my letter to you and put it back at me? Even when i wouldn't dare comment on anything Ohio State in my life. Wow

  • Gabe callender posted 1825 days ago

    Gabe callender

    I think there is room for rivalries but this guy is a moron and usually makes no sense, ie. see comments below.

  • Tony Locken posted 2052 days ago

    Tony Locken

    I think we butt heads more than not Roger! But I am glad to know that you support your team through thick and thin. I like that about you man! Keep coming to Michigan page as I will visit OSU's! It's good to hear from another point of view even if I don't agree with it... Keep it up bro!

  • carnivorous Potato posted 2058 days ago

    carnivorous Potato

    Roger, you are the stupidest ohio state fan i have yet come across. You have nothing better to do that troll MIchigan's article that doesn't have anything to do with osu. Please stop and troll on another teams page