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I'm currently a student at the University of Georgia, working on my degree in Applied and Agricultural Economics. I'm love the outdoors, have a substantial (and ever growing) hat collection, and am a die-hard fan of country music.

Oh, and I really like sports.

I basically grew up on the baseball diamond, and will always have a tremendous amount of respect and love for my first sport. Nowadays, you're more likely to find me on the tennis court or hacking it out on the golf course.

Of course, watching sports is just as much, if not even more fun. In the fall, my weekends are consumed with Georgia football on Saturdays and Falcons football on Sundays. I watch an abnormal amount of tennis matches, even the ones from far off, obscure tournaments, and I'll often just leave my TV on the Golf Channel for days at a time. I watch every Braves game I can find time for, and I don't consider my day properly started unless I've watched SportsCenter all the way through at least once. I'm also an MMA fanatic. I don't think I've missed a fight since I first really discovered the sport almost 4 years ago, and if you include all the old fights that I've gone back and watched since then, I imagine the number of fights I've seen is some unworldly number.

Recently, I've been really into the whole field of quantitative sports analysis and sports economics. After reading a few books on the subject, most notably "Moneyball", I was hooked. Watching sports is fascinating, but the stories that the numbers and statistics tell is sometimes even more fascinating. My ultimate goal is to produce some work in this area, since I think it can profoundly change the way we see and play the games.

I hope that I can write, comment, and in general provide something useful to this site. Thanks.

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