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  • Scott Ottersen posted 2213 days ago

    Scott Ottersen


    I don't have the time to go back and read over exactly what I wrote. All I know is I stand by what I said, unless I was being an idiot/sarcastic and it didn't come through in the article.

    I will say that I wasn't saying Art Monk sucked. I know that. All I was trying to say is that Cris Carter was a better WR. And, I will accept no arguments on this. I'm not saying Carter was the best ever and Monk was 500th down on the list. I still think Monk is one of the better WRs to play the game, but I was just feeling such disrespect for Carter at that moment in time.

    As for your arguments, I'm tired of hearing about the whole "He played on a running team" story. What, if anything, the split was something like 55/45, maybe some years it went closer to 60/40, but that still doesn't mean he didn't have opportunities to get the ball his way. He had his chances and he definitely took advantage, but I just feel that Carter took advantage moreso. I probably wrote my article in 20-25 minutes and didn't bone up on ALL my research (price you pay for writing for free on a site like Bleacher Report where not many people who matter are going to read it), but I still feel I was right in my main argument.

    You make the argument about how Riggins was this big influence on taking away yards and other WRs on his team. That's another bunk argument. What about Carter playing alongside Terry Allen and Robert Smith, both 1,000+ yard rushers. What about Jake Reed, Amp Lee, and even Randy Moss playing alongside Carter and Carter always outperforming them and getting more balls thrown his way. That happened because Carter was a great playmaker, ran routes to get open, and had hands like very few others had in his time.

    I'm sorry that you took offense to my arguments, but I didn't mean to slight Art Monk on his enshrinement and his career. I loved Art Monk. I just feel Carter was better.