Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


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  • Sam Tighe posted 2188 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Hi Jordan, thanks for becoming a fan of mine.

  • James Van Etten posted 2259 days ago

    James Van Etten

    Thanks for acknowledging the efforts Jordan!

  • Dean Holden posted 2270 days ago

    Dean Holden

    Yep, but I don't mind. He's actually pretty amusing, trolling around like he is. I think he realizes that nobody is paying attention to him anymore, and that's actually making him try harder. If he wants to continue rewarding me with read counts and comments, who am I to stop him?

  • Dean Holden posted 2272 days ago

    Dean Holden

    The sad thing is that he's the type to think he wins a debate because he yelled loudest and anybody who was smarter than him realized there was no point. In other words, your average Tebow fan. But hey, the rest of us have lives to get back to, right?

  • Dean Holden posted 2273 days ago

    Dean Holden

    That's good stuff Jordan, but don't feed the troll too much. He stopped generating valuable discussion and slipped into straight-up trolling after about his third post.