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University of Oregon pursuing a BA in Journalism.

I am skilled in design, writing, video, photography, and time management. One of my biggest assets is my ability to collaborate and work well with others.

Writing great dialogue has become one of my biggest attributes. My passion for journalism stems from my curious personality. I always want an answer to my questions.

I am an avid runner and cyclist. I get my best ideas when I am out riding the bike or hitting that 8 mile mark on a nice run. Growing up near Sacramento, CA, I became a passionate Sacramento Kings fan.

Follow me on Twitter: @divingmelvin

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  • Greg Scanlon posted 2004 days ago

    Greg Scanlon

    Hey, I have a question for you, would you like to write for a new up and coming sports blog in Since you are so skilled in writing about the entire NBA and your vast knowledge will assist the growth of this website. Message me back if you would be interested.

  • Branden FitzPatrick posted 2112 days ago

    Branden FitzPatrick

    Bias Cavs fans.

  • James Dalakas posted 2116 days ago

    James Dalakas

    You're Byron Scott. Horrendous. Actually know about something before your take the time to write about it.

  • Buster Bluth posted 2118 days ago

    Buster Bluth

    I wanted to say congrats on writing the worst article on Bleacher Report. Just about everything you said about Byron Scott is very wrong. Did you do any research before you wrote that. Maybe you were mad the the Cavs had just beat the Kings and that was your revenge. If I sent this article to your college they would probably kick you out of the Journalism school.

  • Ricky Slough posted 2118 days ago

    Ricky Slough

    You are completely wrong about Byron Scott needing to be on the outs in Cleveland. The team is greatly improved and Scott's strategies have proven to be a success. It's all in the players efforts because I have watched every cavs game this year and they just dont give a good effort every night. In the beginning of the year they had a lot of hustle and were a .500 team.

  • Branden FitzPatrick posted 2118 days ago

    Branden FitzPatrick

    The Knicks don't need Rondo because they have Lin. Lin isn't a flash in the pan. He's a real player.

  • casey plunkett posted 2124 days ago

    casey plunkett

    hey branden by your work i see that you believe lin and melo will co exist and that you think rondo would be a good fit for l.a but i was wondering what you thought of my trade idea.

  • casey plunkett posted 2124 days ago

    casey plunkett

    here's the perfect trade:
    nyk get: rajon rondo and pau gasol and 2012 1st rounder(via dallas)

    celtics get: landry fields and tyson chandler

    lakers get: iman shumpert and amire stoudemire

    is ridiculous as it sound for these teams to ever make trades it actually helps every single team and gives them a chance to beat the heat, bulls, and okc which the nyk, celtics and lakers cannot truly contend with.

    nyk: if and when lin and melo do not mix and the knicks start loosing games again panic will hit the big apple. rajon rondo has no problem with letting other layers do all the scoring and he would play well with melo. forcing turnovers and lobbing it to melo and the knicks can compete in the highlight reel with plays like wade to lebron or paul to griffin. soon enough the lin face will settle and truth be told melo is the true star of that team. the knicks would be smart to fire d antoni and make trades. amire and melo have already shown they don't play well together. so he gets traded for gasol. melo can convince jr smith to sign with the knicks and that would give the knicks the ability to trade iman shumpert for a 1st rounder from L.A. Not to mention the knicks could start lin at sg which would be good for ticket sales. lastly rondo gets swapped for landry fields and tyson chandler. rondo melo and gasol would form a strong triangle. Hey phil jackson you want to win another title?

    boston: boston needs to think about rebuilding and rondo is their only true trade piece. 7 footers are too hard to obtain and their has to be more draft busts from the center position than any other position. (does oden come to mind) chandler mindset and playing style would work perfectly under doc river. chandler has shown he doesn't carry an ego and is willing to do all the little things to help his team win. chandler has much more experience but was even willing to take lin's lead. boston played surprisingly well when rondo was injured. bradley would likely get the starting role as he should so his defensive abilities could be utilized against rose should they meet in the post season. plain and simple boston is weak at the frontcourt and and chandler would change that. with pierce and ray struggling to keep their legs under em and knock down the shots landry fields will pick up the slack. fields is tall enough to play both positions and would be a huge step up from daniels or pavlovic. boston becomes better this season and continues to build for the future with the draft and the cap space freeing up with kg and ray coming off the books. boston would try and shed jo's contract before then with chandler coming on the team. ainge is pretty crafting and could find a team that would take jo if boston includes some of those cash considerations (which people always assume under the table deals like when the kings took on daniels' contract) so they can try and pick up a player of waivers etc before the deadline.

    laker's: kobe bryant is moving up the all time scoring list but his team is on a decline. they need to get younger at the pg position and l.a would do well to trade pau gasol after constant trade rumors but they'd want to get more in return than when they gave up lamar odom. i'm pretty sure amire stoudemire would suffice. they use the draft pick via dallas in order to convince the knicks to include shumpert so he can add some youth to the point. these additions would make a huge impact for the laker's and even help kobe's legacy as his team would continue to be a contender while he moves up the record books.

    these trades make perfect sense and i don't see how anybody would dispute that.