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  • Mike Moraitis posted 1912 days ago

    Mike Moraitis

    Hey Mike just want to give you some constructive advice to increase your hits. For example, the article you wrote about Andrew Bailey with the sox, instead of writing Boston Red Sox to start the headline, start it with MLB Trade Rumors, then the players name Nd then the team in that order. MLB Trade Rumors: Andrew Bailey to Boston Red Sox brings cautious optimism. The more keywords and in that specific order will icrease your hits big time.

    Same thing with free agency: starts with MLB free agents 2012: and the. Go from there. Doing the B/R internship teaches a ton of valuable things like that and is something you should check out. If you want examples of proper BR headlines, check out my sportswriter page and youll get a better idea.

  • Christopher Benvie posted 1924 days ago

    Christopher Benvie

    Wow! Thanks Mike, I appreciate that tremendously!

  • Phillip Brown posted 1929 days ago

    Phillip Brown

    We will have to agree to disagree. We both have scouting reports that back our claims up and neither of us is budging.

  • Phillip Brown posted 1930 days ago

    Phillip Brown

    It says "Sitting consistently at 94-95 mph, Betances routinely bumped 96-97 mph up in the zone. "

    Which means he averages about 95mph on his fastball.

  • Phillip Brown posted 1930 days ago

    Phillip Brown

    Please read this under the heading "fastball"

  • Phillip Brown posted 1933 days ago

    Phillip Brown

    You're conceding because you know you are being a hypocrite by calling by sample size too small when yours' is smaller.

  • Phillip Brown posted 1938 days ago

    Phillip Brown

    You spelled "exceptional" as "acceptional". I already gave you a reason why Montero is patient even though he doesn't walk much and again, we already went over Banuelos and Betances.

  • Phillip Brown posted 1939 days ago

    Phillip Brown

    For a major league player Montero does not have A+ patience but for a prospect it is phenomenal. I have already discusses Banuelos' and Betances' velocity with you are have shown you sources about them.

  • Harold Friend posted 1956 days ago

    Harold Friend

    I think you like the Red Sox.