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I'm 22, Puerto Rican, and I bleed garnet and gold. I run cross country and track for Florida State University, and will be graduating cum laude in Spring of 2008 with a B.A. in English, Creative Writing and a minor in economics. I've interned with Sports Illustrated here in Tallahassee and with Ric Rojas Running International and Advanced Spine and Sports in Boulder, Colorado. I am excited to work with Bleacher Report for the remainder of the spring semester as an editor and community supervisor. I got into grad school at CU Boulder, UNC, EMU, CSU, and FSU and I can't decide where I want to go so if you go there help me pick!!! I spend my time serving as the women's cross country team's SAAC (student-athlete-advisory-committee) representative, training hard for an outdoor track season, writing/reading a lot, hanging out with friends when there's time, and preparing for graduation from Florida State University. I was born in Texas, grew up in New York and New Jersey, went to high school in Connecticut, and live in Colorado when I'm not attending university. I have two golden retrievers and I love them dearly.

If you want to get in touch with me or have questions/comments email or facebook me: Angelina Ramos at Florida State University

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  • Steve Smith posted 1918 days ago

    Steve Smith


    I felt you might get a kick out of this little piece. It has an important message for everyone. Let me know what you think of it in the comments section.


    Daniel Barber aka Hotnuke

  • Jad Semaan posted 2450 days ago

    Jad Semaan

    Thanks for the feedback and revisions.

  • james lawrence posted 2451 days ago

    james lawrence

    Thats a good choice of college, CU is a great school. Congrats. Please don't be sorry I am big on sports first, plus you got sick. So don't apologize. That will be great for you to be able to follow you goal at CU. So how were your track meets. Is Florida States track team D1 also. Edinboro is alot of fun, there is always something to do. Plus im in a fraternity so I keep busy. I play two sports here I play football and Basketball. In football I am a kicker, and in basketball im a SG. I love both sports, I just wish we had volleyball team, that my best sport. I am thinking of taking my golf scholarship to Coastal Carolina, and dropping football and basketball. NOt sure yet. Hope you have a great day!

  • David Wiley posted 2452 days ago

    David Wiley

    Thanks for thee feedback and revisions on my article. Much appreciated.

    Dave Wiley

  • Dan Siegel posted 2452 days ago

    Dan Siegel

    Glad to see you're feeling better. Hopefully no more hospital visits for you!

    Best of luck with your training and qualifying...I need to get back into the swing of things with my running. I did a 5K in October, and I'd like to do another one when the weather gets nicer up here.

    It has been chilly up here in the northeast. I was down in DC last week and it was awesome, but I caught a cold since I didn't think I would need to bring a heavy jacket. Lots of great restaurants and little spots for coffee and whatnot. DC can actually hold a candle to New York.

    It must be pretty bittersweet for you being in your last semester at FSU. I guess you can always still run in charity races and whatnot against schlubs like me! :)

    I see your non-college home is in Colorado. Some good friends of mine moved out to Parker (SE of Denver) a little over a year ago. I went out and visited them last May. We went to Fort Collins, Red Rocks, and a couple of other spots. Totally different landscape than Jersey...

    Where in Texas were you born? I've been to San Antonio (the Riverwalk rocks!) and Houston. Hope to get to Austin sometime soon...

    When you get a chance, write me back here or at

  • JJ S posted 2459 days ago

    JJ S

    Thanks for the edits & feedback. Trust me--I know these articles are long, but I'm trying not to miss anything with these teams.

  • james lawrence posted 2466 days ago

    james lawrence

    Wow, that would be awesome if you get that internship. I hope it works out for you. I know internships are a big step. It is true what they say that It helps to know people, thats how I got mine. I can tell from your article and where you want your internship, that you are very passionate about running. Thats really good because its important to do what makes you happy. I know it sounds funny coming from a 19 year old, but it is the truth(which im sure you already know). Where are you applying for grad school?


  • Dan Siegel posted 2466 days ago

    Dan Siegel


    Thanks for the edits and the feedback. I had to look up how to make the em dash as opposed to the hyphen :)

    Hope everything is going well with school and track. Keep me posted.


  • james lawrence posted 2467 days ago

    james lawrence

    I like your comment about ESPN journalists.
    I don't think all of them are like that. I actually have my internship for them next semester.

    Thanks for challenging my article, made me question myself. haha

  • Eric posted 2467 days ago


    Hi Angelina,

    Glad you enjoyed the NCAA Indoor coverage! Thanks for reading and editing a challenging piece.