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Jeremy Botter is a longtime mixed martial arts journalist and an MMA lead writer for Bleacher Report. He is the former associate editor of and the former MMA beat writer for the Houston Chronicle.

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  • Athletic Anchovy posted 5 days ago

    Athletic Anchovy

    Jeremy... Thanks for that well-written article on the Cormier/Gus fight.

  • ta pout posted 36 days ago

    ta pout

    I was about to address how wrong Rumble was in "Who doesn't throw....", then the comments shut off....kind of shocked to see the 10 or so comments already there, supporting AJ!....was just wondering if the support AJ was getting was the reason b/r changed its mind about letting us comment? I don't understand how so many can't read AJ's words and actions as troubling.

  • Anthony Johnson posted 49 days ago

    Anthony Johnson

    Article ideas- fans didn't know what they had in Jones until he was gone, will Jones return at heavyweight? Seeing as he already cleaned out the lhw division. Time for bellator to aggressively go after major signings , is holly Holm really ready for a title shot??? Is Ronda rousey to big to fail?

  • Anthony Johnson posted 135 days ago

    Anthony Johnson

    You should write an article how AKA is poised to be the top team in 2015 With The Eagle, Rockhold, DC and Cain all champions. I don't think their has ever been that many champion at one time all from the same gym. An article of how with DC winning it shows just how dominate Jones was. Oh and also will their be a huge migrate from the UFC with the impending Reebok deal. Also how injuries puts divisions in a stand still. As with the case with Weidman Jacare would have already gotten his shot if Weidman wasn't always injured and now your stuck with the problem of two guys that literally should be next for the title but can't fight each other now cause it would eliminate a title contender. Also an article how shockingly Bisping is close to a title shot. After Jacare and Rockhold who is left? I see if Bisping beats Leits and than a possible fight against Moussassi he would get his long awaited shot.

  • Dayna Day posted 225 days ago

    Dayna Day

    ARE YOU SERIOUS...Hi Jeremy I appreciate your political correct-ness and sensitivity regarding Ronda Rousey's trans status but fact is fact. The reason she's the best female fighter "ever" is because she is a "male". Changing bits and pieces don't change everything else like muscular integrity. I am a huge fan of live and let live, I do not drink haterade and I have numerous LGBT friends and family. However, I continue to agree that her fighting against females is pretty much like cheating. For the purposes of fighting, it's a technicality that allows her to get in and beat women have to death, wrong is wrong.

  • Pai Mei posted 360 days ago

    Pai Mei

    Hi Jeremy. Listen i saw a fantastic post on Sherdog forum "top 50 regional mms organizations" with great analysis

    How about you speak to that TS and get it published on BR, I'm sure he would be willing to corporate. It is a great eye opener for people who only know UFC Bellator etc.

    Enjoy your articles btw.

  • Not Sure posted 368 days ago

    Not Sure

    Leave Pat Miletich alone, can't you libs go five minutes without calling for someone to be fired for saying something that "offends" you? Millions of Americans share Pat's disgust with the Obama administration and it's his right to express it.

  • brian hankins posted 388 days ago

    brian hankins

    If the fight happens I hope you reference this article and eat some crow. It is mma you can't right off a fighter and again this is not a mismatch fight. Mark my words Diaz will stop him.

  • brian hankins posted 388 days ago

    brian hankins

    I doubt the fight will happen given Diaz legal situation. However to be clear Diaz will wreck Silva. Styles make fights. There is a reason Diaz has been calling out Anderson for years. Also we saw in the last fight anderson got ktfo on the first shot and woke up when he hit the mat. He has completely lost his ability to take a shot. He is a reflex fighter. Reflex fighters get old overnight in the ring. He looked really bad last time out. Diaz will abuse him.

  • lisa sommers posted 429 days ago

    lisa sommers

    i blocked you so you wont be offended by my comments about cops, and i hate that smart people like you dont know (know!) cops have covered up far worse abuse than what that ignorant ufc fighter did. ill get my news from sherdog even if its delayed a bit.