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Jeremy Botter is a longtime mixed martial arts journalist and an MMA lead writer for Bleacher Report. He is the former associate editor of and the former MMA beat writer for the Houston Chronicle.

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  • Dayna Day posted 33 days ago

    Dayna Day

    ARE YOU SERIOUS...Hi Jeremy I appreciate your political correct-ness and sensitivity regarding Ronda Rousey's trans status but fact is fact. The reason she's the best female fighter "ever" is because she is a "male". Changing bits and pieces don't change everything else like muscular integrity. I am a huge fan of live and let live, I do not drink haterade and I have numerous LGBT friends and family. However, I continue to agree that her fighting against females is pretty much like cheating. For the purposes of fighting, it's a technicality that allows her to get in and beat women have to death, wrong is wrong.

  • Pai Mei posted 169 days ago

    Pai Mei

    Hi Jeremy. Listen i saw a fantastic post on Sherdog forum "top 50 regional mms organizations" with great analysis

    How about you speak to that TS and get it published on BR, I'm sure he would be willing to corporate. It is a great eye opener for people who only know UFC Bellator etc.

    Enjoy your articles btw.

  • Not Sure posted 177 days ago

    Not Sure

    Leave Pat Miletich alone, can't you libs go five minutes without calling for someone to be fired for saying something that "offends" you? Millions of Americans share Pat's disgust with the Obama administration and it's his right to express it.

  • brian hankins posted 196 days ago

    brian hankins

    If the fight happens I hope you reference this article and eat some crow. It is mma you can't right off a fighter and again this is not a mismatch fight. Mark my words Diaz will stop him.

  • brian hankins posted 196 days ago

    brian hankins

    I doubt the fight will happen given Diaz legal situation. However to be clear Diaz will wreck Silva. Styles make fights. There is a reason Diaz has been calling out Anderson for years. Also we saw in the last fight anderson got ktfo on the first shot and woke up when he hit the mat. He has completely lost his ability to take a shot. He is a reflex fighter. Reflex fighters get old overnight in the ring. He looked really bad last time out. Diaz will abuse him.

  • lisa sommers posted 237 days ago

    lisa sommers

    i blocked you so you wont be offended by my comments about cops, and i hate that smart people like you dont know (know!) cops have covered up far worse abuse than what that ignorant ufc fighter did. ill get my news from sherdog even if its delayed a bit.

  • James Fox posted 253 days ago

    James Fox

    Hi Jeremy. I'm a fellow Houstonian, a huge fan of BR and your columns, so I'm hoping you can shed some light on my complaint. I find it extremely tedious and overused when the BR email headlines say crap like, "Rousey RIPS so and so", or "Dana BLASTS media", etc. Then you read the article and find that all the RIPPING and BLASTING just aren't. After a few thousand headlines, it becomes just so much noise and doesn't do one thing to advance the sport of MMA. It's bush league tactics like this that prevent MMA from being taken as seriously as it should. Can you imagine headlines like this for the NFL, NBA or MLB? Occasionally it is warranted for PED scandals (Barry Bonds), criminal prosecutions (Aaron Hernandez, Michael Vick) or major team shakeups, but those are the exception, not the rule.

    If it is within your sphere of influence, I'd love to see headlines that inspire thought, not trigger an emotional response, even when the athlete says or does something stupid. Can we protect our sport from all idiots (foreign and domestic) and espouse the level of professionalism seen in competitors like Rich Franklin, Cain Velasquez, JDS, etc?

    There is a level of grace and beauty in the violence of MMA. When we respect that, it becomes as pure as any form of martial art...emphasis on 'art'. When we spout off like trailer trash, we have no more validity than guests on a Springer show, drunken sailors in a bar fight, or the WWE.

    Just an observation from a fan of the sport.


  • lisa sommers posted 292 days ago

    lisa sommers

    btw, its okay to unblock me after the world cup, ;-)

  • lisa sommers posted 292 days ago

    lisa sommers

    ugh, you blocked me on twitter. if you feel kind can you just unblock me and mute me (@irishredhd). you are one of the few people i truly enjoy following.

  • Clumsy Ninja posted 330 days ago

    Clumsy Ninja

    Thanks for the good reads, and glad you know Montana was the best.

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