Sports has always been life. Whether it's playing, coaching, watching, or writing, my life revolves around competition. My love for baseball brought me to the University of Pennsylvania to pitch, and now Bleacher Report to write. I am a Communications major and die-hard New York sports fan.

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  • Frank Fiore posted 2077 days ago

    Frank Fiore

    Good job Shrunkie!!! Keep doing what you're doing....Don't let bitter AHoles keep you down....Good Luck!!!

  • John Medeiros posted 2078 days ago

    John Medeiros

    Yo yo u fuc*ing retard. U cant write for Shi* i . You are a terrible write. You write about the most dumb shit ever purely for reads u Co*k sucker. U have no idea wtf ur talking about most the time. And u have a twitter? LMAO u will have no followers really consider deleting your account because if my toilet was filled everytime u had a article that smelled like it my house would be a pool. U suck, and so does ur momma

  • Mike Grofsick posted 2141 days ago

    Mike Grofsick

    haha nice...I'm at Mitchell College in CT...DIII, but won the last 3 conference titles, real good program, so I'm excited...you in the 'pen or gettin a spot in the rotation?

  • Mike Grofsick posted 2141 days ago

    Mike Grofsick

    really good man...got my first practice tomorrow night so I'm pumped as hell for that...how's everything at Penn?

  • Mike Grofsick posted 2141 days ago

    Mike Grofsick

    Yo Alex, what's up bro, it's Mike Grofsick from Hawthorne...I just noticed you write here, I'm about to read a couple of your articles

  • Alex Giobbi posted 2141 days ago

    Alex Giobbi

    I'm actually curious. How are you a featured columnist? You have less reads, articles, and medals than me.