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  • Michael Cerna posted 1144 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey Just,

    Here is my latest piece reviewing Spain vs. Italy: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1216097-spain-vs-italy-ranking-the-5-best-and-worst-players-in-group-cs-opening-match

    I was hoping to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks!

  • Michael Cerna posted 1158 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey Just,

    Here is the last part of my season review:


    Hope you enjoy. :-)

  • Michael Cerna posted 1168 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey Just,

    Here is the third part of my La Liga review. Starting XI:


  • Michael Cerna posted 1169 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Just,

    Here is the second part of my season review for La Liga. Top 10 U-21 players:



  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1170 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks for being my fan

  • Michael Cerna posted 1171 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Just,

    I am doing a comprehensive review of the La Liga season this week. Here is my first article covering the 50 best players of the season:


    I hope you enjoy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1177 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey man,

    Here is my article about Spain's Euro 2012 roster:

    I would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1185 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey man,

    La Liga weekly review:


  • Jazel Morffe posted 1189 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Congrats on winning La Liga. You are that Madrid fan, right?

  • Michael Cerna posted 1189 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey there,

    Here are a few things to cheer us up after La Liga's Champions League losses this week. La Liga is far from over!