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Jon is what you would call a "beaten puppy" sports fan. He grew up in the Bay Area during the glory days of the Oakland A's and the San Francisco 49ers. He walked around as a youngster idolizing Steve Young and Jose Canseco. Things were great until the millenium came. His three favorite franchises (A's, 49ers, and Sacramento Kings) began to decline in to the jokes we see take the field (or court) today.

Each team refused to take the necessary steps to take themselves out of the cellar and back in to respectability. Jon was forced to move to Southern California which had become the "land of winners" where he was ridiculed on a daily basis for his Northern California sports fandom.

Rather than take these indignations lying down, he started his own sports blogs in the hopes that someone (anyone) would listen to his pleas and bring a winning attitude back to the Bay.

Someone please help. Mark Cuban, I am looking in your direction.

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  • Sabrina Brown posted 3210 days ago

    Sabrina Brown

    Hey! It's Sabrina from high school. Long time no see. I was just looking up some people still in the area and I wondered if you were still around. I noticed you made your career as a journalist and would like to talk to you about writing professionally since it's something I'm interested in. Take care and Happy New Year. My email address is