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Ethan is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report's Breaking News Team.

Hailing from Garland, Texas, Ethan recently completed his time in college at Texas State University and has been working for B/R since May 2012, when he was a part-time member of the Breaking News Team. Since then, he has taken on a full-time role and relishes the opportunity to contribute to this growing site.


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  • Ryan Ward posted 403 days ago

    Ryan Ward

    Oh and by the way my last comment looks like crap because I'm voice texting it can't be perfect. Ahhhh technology

  • Ryan Ward posted 403 days ago

    Ryan Ward

    Just a quick comment on your DeMarco Murray injury page your information about his backups are completely incorrect Felix Jones hasn't play for the Dallas Cowboys for over year he's now back up to the Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Murray's backup running back to Tanner and Randle so I do not know where you got your information from I don't think it's fair for you to write things when they're not sure have a good day

  • Alex Wentzell posted 426 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    Your article on Josh Gordon suggest that the Browns would trade him. I will now cease from reading any of your articles in the future.

  • Rick Flair posted 489 days ago

    Rick  Flair

    Your article about Carlos was BS. You guys have done nothing but rip this kid and your facts were not even close to being correct. What type of journalist are you? Carlos doesn't need to be a model citizen for you or anyone else. Why don't you try being a goo reporter and report facts. The kid has NEVER been in ANY trouble but you write about him as if he has been or could be. Shame on you and Bleacher Report for writing garbage with out facts. Oh and do not play the blame game on any other new paper. You put your name on it. Show some balls and apologize to the kid.

  • Jared Neuy posted 489 days ago

    Jared Neuy

    Why don't you write an article about the several OU players that have been arrested over the past couple months?

  • Jared Neuy posted 489 days ago

    Jared Neuy

    Nice cheap shots at Meyer. Why is "disciplined" in quotes? What would you have him do? Hyde was never arrested and never charged with anything. The video evidence shows that he did nothing wrong. He suspended him immediately from all team activities. He pulled financial aid for Baugh and suspended him from the season opener. He dismissed Gardner from the team, and it still remains to be seen what will happen with Roby. He will likely be suspended for the first 2 games of the season. What else do you want?

  • rach setvens posted 525 days ago

    rach setvens

    Like your writing style Ethan, good luck :)

  • Mark Johnson posted 559 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    Hey Ethan, loved the mock draft! If you had time, i'd really appreciate if you stopped by a website I write for and made a pick in our fan interactive mock draft!

    Thanks alot!

  • Dan Tutt posted 562 days ago

    Dan Tutt

    Ethan, ugly ties are so yesterday!

  • Jims Kids posted 572 days ago

    Jims Kids

    Could you write an article about Yumbo, the new basketball variant that is taking the country by storm. Another user by the name Blow Dumdin mentioned it earlier and I share his sentiments about the game. YUMBO!!!

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