My name, obviously, is Zayne. I love all sports, but especially football.

I think that you should read my articles and follow me on twitter.

Sounds like a plan.

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  • Razor Wit posted 321 days ago

    Razor Wit

    You gave me such a good laugh you fat ugly fuckball...referring to Tom Brady (AKA the G.O.A.T.) as overrated makes you look like a complete uninformed extremely jealous douche nozzle....amazing that six years ago you wrote something so fucking stupid and no one to date has made you eat a shit sandwich you fucking moron...go play in traffic you fucking retard

  • sajjad 1234 posted 1754 days ago

    sajjad 1234

    i honestly think you are retarded if you think tom brady is overrated

  • Benjamin Leonard posted 2012 days ago

    Benjamin Leonard

    Hey Zayne, you seem to have disappeared from the New Orleans Saints page? I always liked your articles? Are you going to start writing again sometime soon?

  • saints fan posted 2115 days ago

    saints fan

    Zayne, its tough being a saints fan nowadays. With all the free agents, Dree being greedy, and now the Bounty scandel that NFC rivials are giggling over. It looks like dark days are ahead of us.

  • Matt Bowen posted 2130 days ago

    Matt Bowen

    Good stuff home boy.

  • Will Osgood posted 2130 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Hey Zayne, Congrats on the FC Writer of the Week! That is awesome man. Keep up the great work!

  • Camille Smith posted 2143 days ago

    Camille  Smith

    No problem Zayne! Keep the good work coming!

  • kirkenstein posted 2153 days ago


    Hey Zayne, You write some good articles. Thanks for covering the Saints. I have noticed that you use the word "strive" in place of "thrive" and wanted to point this out to enhance your writing skills. It is apparent that you are "thriving as a writer for the B/R. I wish you good fortune as you strive to become the best writer you can be.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2171 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing, Zayne. Good luck for tonight's game!

  • Soven Bery posted 2172 days ago

    Soven Bery

    No problem Zayne! I love your work, keep it up!