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I'm a 27-year-old tomboy who loves the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers and University of Wisconsin.

I was at CC's Brewers debut, Braun's walk-off grand-slam, the Wild Card clinching game and Game 3 of the NLDS - all of which rank up there on my list of best sports moments.

For my one-year anniversary I went to a Wisconsin Badger football game. For my two year, we went to Lambeau Field. I plan vacations around sports schedules and getting to visit new stadiums. From NFL to MLB to NHL to college venues, I've visited about 40 stadiums nationwide.

I grew up playing soccer and when it came down to picking an EPL team, I went with the one team I've ever seen in person: Chelsea.

I'm new to it, but I'm really getting into hockey - especially at the college level.

I lived six years in New Orleans, so I have a vested interest in the LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints and Hornets.

I was on-field security for SuperBowl XXXVI in 2002 at the Superdome. I lucked into the job and once they placed me on the 20-yard-line, I didn't ask any questions.

I wrote a chapter in the book "Yea Alabama 2008: An Annual Guide to Crimson Tide Football" and my name is misspelled!

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  • John McCurdy posted 3195 days ago

    John McCurdy

    Nicole, here's a very late but sincere "thanks" for your edits to my Marlon Brown article.

  • jason hughes posted 3203 days ago

    jason hughes

    i got a post of the day before you edited it so somebody reads my articles dont be so condesending

  • Nic Hallisey posted 3206 days ago

    Nic Hallisey

    Thanks for the edit, Nicole. I appreciate your feedback and views on the WBC.

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3208 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    If only...

  • Paul Sievers posted 3209 days ago

    Paul Sievers

    Thank you for picking up all my mistakes on "An American's Guide to Picking an English Soccer Team". I was rather tired when I wrote it.

    I don't know what it's like by you but here in NY I've met a lot of bandwagon Liverpool fans so I stand by my assessment.

  • Grant posted 3209 days ago


    thank you for the edit

  • Lawrence Barreca posted 3209 days ago

    Lawrence  Barreca

    Thanks for the edits Nicole! I was hoping someone would come along and fix my crummy title. Lol

  • Jamie Ward posted 3212 days ago

    Jamie Ward

    Thanks for the edits, as you can tell, punctuation is not my strong point.

  • Dan Boone posted 3215 days ago

    Dan Boone

    Thanks for the edits....