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  • Rune Bang posted 843 days ago

    Rune Bang

    Brenda, lets take a look at the tv ratings;

    Friday, June 10, 2011
    8:00 NBC NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 5 - Adults 18-49 Rating = 1.6
    Monday December 3, 2012
    8:30 ESPN NFL REGULAR SEASON Adults 18-49 rating = 6.0
    8:00 USA WWE Entertainment Adults 18-49 rating = 1.2

    Its absolutely ridicules to claim hockey as a "VERY popular" sport in USA when we look at the ratings. I use statistics and facts. you make claims without proof...

    I never commented about American Intelligence, the critique of the "franchise" thing is very widespread, let me make it clear to you; In almost every other country in the world, kids plays for the local sports club, witch makes the club and the team an important part of developing the local community.
    The kids play for The local hockey Club, the adults cheer for the senior players on the main team of the hockey club, and the club is part of life in the local community, helping to bring unity and pride to a maybe pour town. Thats a better future for Canadian Hockey, in my mind compared to the soulless money focused NHL "franchise".

  • Brenda posted 843 days ago


    Hockey is also VERY popular in the US, and your comments about Americans being stupid and not caring about hockey is what gets you labelled as a troll. If you don't not know something, do not comment on it. It is extremely ignorant and rude, which is exactly what you are. Troll.

  • Rune Bang posted 844 days ago

    Rune Bang

    i'm no troll, i leave comments as a International hockey fan. Hockey is a Canadian national sport and i love Canada, the nature, the people, the Hockey fans. if i get the money and opportunity i will live there in the future :)

  • Brenda posted 844 days ago