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  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 1272 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Hi, Kunal. Notice that you like Liverpool as well as Indian Cricket team.(same here). Just wanted to ask - do you live in India and what do you think of our CB situation??


  • Andre Rodi posted 1284 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    I agree with the Maxwell choice, they are both good LB's, when Luís played for Brasil he was completely awful, but Maxwell really took the chance well, he was great attacking wise and didn't compromise defence, plus it's the second choice LB, always good to go for the more experienced player.
    It was a bit unfair on Lucas,he was always called up since Mano took over, but although he was there he rarely got a chance to start, same with Felipão, so you had the feeling he had chances and didn't do anything even though he didn't, he could have taken Bernard's spot but Hulk is a better player, complete, much superior finisher and helps track back, not to mention the fact that Lucas hasn't completely impressed for PSG.
    Bernard was pretty impressive for Mineiro, but he completely disappeared after his stupid move to Shaktar, Coutinho could havee taken his place, but Bernard is there to cover for both Oscar and Hulk, Coutinho doesn't play on the right.

  • Andre Rodi posted 1302 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    Nice comment man, and also very sad news about Rogerio, I mean, it is a good time for him to stop but you wish players like him could play forever.

  • Andre Rodi posted 1304 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    I do not understand it either, the game is so serious these days, a little showboating to break the norm should be hailed, not considered disrespectful.
    This feeling is even stronger stronger in Brasil because showboating usually comes from young talents, because our best players are between 18-23 who have not gone to europe or veterans coming back, so the defenders who are not so good get very angry being dribbled by kids.
    Hope this was the answer you were looking for, cheers mate.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1326 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Welcome back Kunal.

    Thanks for reading my piece on Croatia! I must admit I haven't really seen much of Celta Vigo this season. I'd love to watch every club but it's impossible :(

  • Gerard Deulofeu posted 1329 days ago

    Gerard Deulofeu

    Hey mate, looks like we are still unbeaten and our bowling is doing good.LOL. Anyways, we are playing South Africa and we should win. Hope we do it. :)

  • Sam Tighe posted 1346 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Lambert's doing fine mate. The team are inconsistent but that comes with it not being a top-class, experienced outfit. Villa are 10th, and they are not one of the top 9 teams in this league on squad size.

    When Okore is back, and he will be soon, he will be Vlaar's partner yes. Only concern is Vlaar will have to shift to LCB.

    Barca? I catch them every now and then. I don't love the new Barca, but the old style would not have lasted forever and a change is necessary. For me, the disappointing thing is the lack of pressing. Martino, in Argentina, was big on that.


  • Andre Rodi posted 1348 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    Thanks for replying man, Ronaldinho was fun to watch, but he betrayed his first team and wasted his career partying, also this is one of the dirtiest plays ever, talk about a di**.
    P.S: Best of luck to you on your finals.

  • Gerard Deulofeu posted 1349 days ago

    Gerard Deulofeu

    Dude, do you think we can win wc in 2015? I think we can if we use rahane and pujara well. Also kohli should be captain. MSD is too defencive;kohli on the other hand will take risks, like in Asia Cup. Also too dependant on virat, like during 1990s, india was sachin dependant.

  • Andre Rodi posted 1350 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    Hey Kunal, I just added my least favorite players to my profile, what are yours?