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Relative to becoming a Bears' fan, I had been a fan of the Denver Broncos for 44 years. After closely following everything that transpired prior to Cutler leaving Denver, I was so disgusted with how he was treated by McDaniels and Pat Bowlen during that time, I no longer wanted to be a Bronco fan. I began following the Bears in 2009 and haven't missed more than a couple of games since then.

I was born and raised a little north of Pittsburgh, PA, and originally was a Steeler supporter. However, when IBM transferred me to Denver in 1965 I became a Bronco supporter, with Pittsburgh as my #2 team. During my time as a fan of the NFL, I have closely followed some outstanding head coaches with both Pittsburgh and Denver. When I began supporting the Bears, the contrast between the coaches and management of the Bears as compared to Steelers and Broncos was like night and day. When I began sharing my displeasure with the coaching and GM situation in Chicago, I got a considerable amount of heat from many Bears' fans on Bleacher Report who were strong supporters of Lovie Smith.

When Angelo was replaced by Emery and then Lovie was replaced along with most of his staff, I felt that Chicago had begun to change direction, for the good.

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  • Charlie Scott posted 1656 days ago

    Charlie Scott

    How much are you looking to put on Cutler making the Pro Bowl?

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 1964 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    I tried to email you but it didn't go through. Is your email address right?

    As for what happened to the story, I have no idea.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2150 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Thanks Larry. I actually did see your comment and I believe I commented to it. I mentioned I met a guy last week at my radio stations meeting who was a Lovie-backer, blindly I might add.

    I could tell talking to him he didn't really know much about the game.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2152 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Larry, my man.

    Check my latest on Lovie. I just wrote an article on the state of the Bears according to Lovie Smith and my thoughts on that. I would love to hear yours. Thanks.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2185 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Larry,

    I just wrote a story on the Bears general manager search and my thoughts about it. I would really love to hear your thoughts on that. Thanks.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2194 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Larry,

    I just wrote an honest article about the future of the Chicago Bears, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. This is the one Bears fans don't want to hear. It's amazing how much in denial so many of them are. Thanks in advance.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2208 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Larry,

    Just wrote a new article on Lovie and the Bears after yesterday's press conference. Let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2214 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Larry, This one is for you.

    Check out my article on Lovie Smith and my thoughts on what kind of a job he has done as the head coach of the Bears. I would love to hear your thoughts.