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  • Melissa Mize posted 745 days ago

    Melissa Mize

    Do you know Benny Valger connection with Ruth Zabotinsky? I have photo album with her family photos, many including Valger (possibly family photos?). I've been looking for Zabotinsky family for 10 years to return album to. I found man in New Jersey believed to be only family known to me, but he said he was not interested in album due to the death of his son. Please contact me if you know of family ties between these two families. I've had offers to sell this album, some family photos tin type 100 yrs. old, and 4 signed Benny Valger photos. Several other photos looks like him with small children, if him perhaps his own children(?). And a couple dancing in Russian ballet, dressed in what I would describe as 'Gypsy' outfit. Some really unusual and fun photos. I can't confirm that this is Valger album, as name on it is Ruth Zabotinsky (spelled 3 different ways in album) and a lot of Z's family cemetery photos. 10 years is tiring, looking for ancestors. I would like to find out everything I can, but not a lot known about him. I talked to Julias, (in Japan) and he did not know more than what is wrote online. I spoke to man who said his wife was granddaughter of Valger, but I lost their info and could not confirm (due to 5 stokes I had, and stopped looking for a while a couple years back). Several 'red flags' to several people who claim ties, but can't prove anything. I will only turn over album when I'm satisfied they are related to Ruth Z. - but deeply curious of her ties (if any) to Benny Valger. Were they married, or siblings, or known school mates, or his boxing? Are the many photos in the book Benny Valger, besides the 4 signed boxing photos?? Hardly any photos of Benny Valger exists. According to your list of hardest knockouts to beat, Benny Valger is #2!! I'm running out of ideas and options for help. I've contacted so many over 10 years. Please contact me privately if you have any leads.

  • Josh Matt posted 1834 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?