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Born in Orange County to two Midwestern natives meant I was always a fan of the "wrong" teams. My parents reminded me on a daily basis that the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers were the teams to follow, the teams to devote myself to with the passion of a "true" sports fan. My Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Angels belonged to a subset of the sports world that lacked talent, value, and an engaged fan base. Southern California fans were labeled as ignorant or uninvolved by my outspoken parents, and I was determined to set them straight.

Becoming a journalist for Bleacher Report has given me the opportunity to highlight the qualities of Western sports teams and prove that not only are Southern Californian fans enthusiastic about their teams, they show the same passion for the love of the game as any fan from the Midwest or East. Baseball and hockey are part of what makes Los Angeles such an amazing city. The rivalries and competitions are endless and always showcase a bit more spark than those in other regions due to a need to prove our dedication and commitment to sport. I'm thankful to be a native Californian and look forward to covering our favorite sports teams for the readers here on BR.

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