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A sportswriter who has been writing since 2007. Have my writing spread across numerous sites, proudly have my own site at www.rugbycountry.net, Community Leader of Bleacher Rugby, most published writer on www.sportingo.com, contributor to Roar and BBC 606 forum, feature writer for Heaven's Game. I'm also the official writer for www.allblacks.com

Love rugby, but am comfortable writing about a variety of sports, including union, league, cricket, formula one, tennis, and others.

But Rugby Union remains my first love.

I think that sports, for all of their progress, still have a long way to go with the way they are run.

The game is about entertainment, but equally, as all sports rely on their public - it is about transperancy. The lack of this by some operating bodies is what affects the individual sports success.

I hope to make a difference about this one day, as I believe sport is a crucial element of our lives.

Like to write with a style "to tell a story", and take alot of pride in my researching ability. Understands the game of rugby and other particular codes and enjoy understanding it in a watch it now fashion - not a "this is like what happened 50 years ago...."

However, I am a keenly honourable when it comes to the history and statistics of a sport.

American sports adapt and evolve to keep audiences and viewers hooked, other international sports could learn alot by this.

Have a career of nearly 15 years in hospitality, with my own advice site at www.hospitalityimprovement.com, but want to also branch out into one of my great loves. A keen business enthusiast, I hope to translate my numerous skills to sports, and media.

"If you do what you love, or work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life". An adapted comment based on a sentence by Oscar Wilde - yeah, it sounds a bit wank, but it is so true. It is something I ignored for many years.

Also a budding model - I workout like a soldier - training six days a week, five of those twice a day. This itself is beginning to pay off. Even if nothing comes from this particular enterprise, it is fantastic to feel great, and know deep down you are healthy and treating yourself with respect.

Am happy to help with anyone who needs help with sportswriting.

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  • Miss Annie posted 1892 days ago

    Miss Annie

    Cheer up, it's Christmas!

    A WWE Christmas Party (Humor)

    Check it out please! Thanks.

  • Sean Stebner posted 1944 days ago

    Sean Stebner

    Hey James,

    I couldn't think of a good way to word double space/single space so an example seemed more appropriate.
    Double space. Like this.
    Single Space. Like this.

    In terms of sentence lengths, I find, and for the most part B/R believes, that short, simple sentences get the point across more effectively.

    By no means should you avoid impressive vocabulary, but generally if you can get the same point across with less words or less sentences, you should probably do so.

  • Dan Delagrange posted 1957 days ago

    Dan Delagrange

    Thanks James. As for the question concerning dates, I go by the rule that you do not include "st" or "th" with an specified date ("Today is Oct. 19."). Hope that helps!

  • Ryan Droege posted 1986 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    There is nothing I enjoy more than explaining the series comma (aka the Harvard comma).

    When items are being listed, the series comma is the comma that comes before the word "and" (She loves socks, ice cream, books, and God).

    A few styles call for its removal, but I'm a staunch supporter of it, as is BR.

    Why am I for it? Glad you asked. One of the first rules of editing is consistency. Consistency is king.

    And in that vein, since there are times when the Harvard comma is needed*, I put it in every time, for consistency.

    *Example: "After winning her award, Mary thanked her parents, Tina Turner and the Pope." Without the Harvard comma, this sentence is saying that Mary's parents are Tina Turner and the Pope.

  • Ryan Droege posted 1993 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    Why thank you, sir. But the honor is all mine.

    Yes, staff editor means I'm contracted by Bleacher Report to edit articles to help maintain a consistent house style and format throughout the site.

  • Andrew Smyth posted 2010 days ago

    Andrew Smyth

    Woops, sorry mate, I meant to say your the least biased writer (most unbiased writer).

  • Andrew Smyth posted 2010 days ago

    Andrew Smyth

    Come back bro, all is forgiven, please, I'm begging you. Seriously though, your definately the least unbiased writer that I've come across in yonx.
    You make sense mate, pure depth in your articles concerning rugby irrespective of which team wins or loses.

  • Dann Khan posted 2025 days ago

    Dann Khan

    hey james

    I am trying to make the cricket section more popular. So I am keeping a few awards for cricket writers. I hope you can read this

    Also if possible participate



  • Andrew Smyth posted 2033 days ago

    Andrew Smyth

    Hey James, your by far the most informative unbiased rugby writer on Bleacher Report. I'm trying damn hard recently not to comment any further on Sanjay's biased articles because if I do I'll look like having sour grapes due to the AB's performance or lack of. Again we lost due to our unforced errors although the Bok's played well. Come on Ozzie, thrash the Bok's to put Sanjay in perspective. I question whether Sanjay knows anything about tactical rugby.

  • Dominica Broom posted 2066 days ago

    Dominica Broom

    hey there. i see you're a rugby fan. i was curious - what's the difference b/w rugby union and league? i was trying to research it but it didn't make much sense the way it was written. thx