Ted Robinson

Ted Robinson


Ted Robinson is a two-time Emmy Award winning Broadcaster. Since 2000 Robinson has been lead announcer for NBC's coverage of Wimbledon and the French Open, working side by side with John McEnroe. Robinson has also worked as a radio and TV announcer for the San Francisco Giants, Minnesota Twins, and New York Mets. Additionally, Robinson has been involved in major network coverage of both the Winter and Summer Olympics, most recently serving as NBC Sports' play-by-play announcer for Diving during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Currently he hosts College Football Central, a College Football pre- and post-game show on Versus.

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  • james lee posted 2410 days ago

    james lee

    You are such a great broadcaster. I have followed your work on NBC. Keep up the good work on this. catering companies

  • ken liss posted 2946 days ago

    ken liss

    I think you are one of the class acts in sports announcing. Whatever it is you are doing it's always a pleasure to hear your voice. I have one bone to pick. Chris Berman, 'a buffoon and clown'? Why such animosity? There's room for fun and humor in sports reporting. Look at Gary Radnich. It's not necessary to worship at the alter of sports and the athletes to be an effective sportscaster. Gary proved that. It's just entertainment and Berman has brought his own angle regardless if it fits within some unwritten standard, or not. 'He, could, go, all, the, way' is going to stick with every football fan forever. The phrase brings an immediate trip down some kind of football memory lane, for all NFL fans. He may not ever win any award for announcing, but, his presence should be appreciated, none the less. Happy Holidays and keep up the great work.

  • Evan Aczon posted 3278 days ago

    Evan Aczon

    I'm a big fan from days past with the Giants. I think that San Francisco has been blessed with some of the best announcers for a number of years now, and I have memories of driving home from San Francisco as a kid and hearing Hank Greenwald and yourself call the night games. I also heard an interview with you asking about how hard it is to do other sports (you talked about diving I think) during the Olympics and have grown to respect your expansive repertoire. I think I speak for most Bay Area sports fans when I say that we are sad to see Joe Starky leave the 49ers, but are just as excited to have a hometown favorite returning to run the show. Welcome back.

  • Chaz Mattson posted 3341 days ago

    Chaz Mattson

    Great interview with you and Max. Just a long time fan of the tennis coverage in the summer. It's the greatest thing to complement baseball and the 4th. Just wanted to give a shout. Have a great holiday.