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I graduated high school from Cramerton Christian Academy. I joined the Naval Nuclear Power Program and graduated in January of 2003. I've had lots of fun, and lived in many different places over the years. I love Alabama Football, and college football in general. I love staying outside throwing footballs, frisbees, etc. and generally spending quality time with my wife whenever possible. I love the fact that college football is a team sport and cannot be turned into a "one-man show," like other sports can be. Any single player can cause a team to fall, but it takes all 22+ playing at 100% to consistently win week in and week out to become champions. (What if every person in the world lived life that same way?)
*Picked up by Bleacher Report as an Alabama FC in October of 2011.
*Picked up as a CFB FC in August of 2012 for the duration of the season.
*Crossed 1,000,000-read barrier on October 11, 2012.
*Crossed 2,000,000-read barrier on January 28, 2013.
*Crossed 5,000,000-read barrier on September 16, 2013.

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  • tallulah Cusati posted 390 days ago

    tallulah Cusati

    Jonathan, haven't been on this site for awhile, but I love your articles. Thanks for writing them. I'm over 70 yrs. old, and a life time Alabama fan.

  • randy steffens posted 732 days ago

    randy steffens

    Add my name to those who are disappointed that your weekly picks aren't (yet) available; stuff happens, I know; I recommended to the feedback area that expecting you to come up with SCORES besides just simple picks might be asking too much...what with deadlines & the amount of 'lead time' available. forget the gripers, Jonathan; most of 'em pick out a game or 2 where your selection didn't quite work out & harp on that - the other 50 (or so) contests somehow manage to escape their short attention span. keep up the good work - see ya next week, hopefully. THX !!!

  • Kurt Henry posted 732 days ago

    Kurt Henry

    Hey man..just curious..because I was looking forward to your predictions for every game..but since you wrote something different this week which games do you think will be high scoring?

  • Chris Bross posted 733 days ago

    Chris Bross

    Where are your picks for every game? You always have that shit up by now. Was it that beatdown from all those incorrect predictions last week that you gave up?? You struggled in every top play of the week. Money was made going against you. I need your picks so I can make some more. Please get to typing and lose away for me.

  • Kurt Henry posted 733 days ago

    Kurt Henry

    Dude, I love your weekly predictions. I'm waiting for the latest predictions! HURRY!!! lol

  • James Vespe posted 741 days ago

    James Vespe

    Dude, please.... Oregon game was played in a downpour which limited passing completely... Cal's QB was replaced due to ball slipping, and Mariota threw for 117 yards only. You can't even begin to compare the CAL-OSU game vs the CAL-Oregon game due to the fact that Cal relies exclusively on passing. Get the facts straight.

  • randy steffens posted 742 days ago

    randy steffens

    we split once again, sir - only this time it was 7 for U, and 7 for me. Wanna bet some taco's this week ?

  • randy steffens posted 749 days ago

    randy steffens

    we picked 20 games differently last weekend, and split 10/10 - "Game's on" for this weekend; anxious to see your picks.

  • randy steffens posted 761 days ago

    randy steffens

    GUARANTEED: someone's gonna whine about my multiple comments - Please feel free to remind "who(m)ever" that B/R is a forum...a conversation, & so on. I try to include helpful information above & beyond the usual "my team's great & your team sucks" nonsense. Hope you enjoy my "participation", sir - THX for the opportunity !

  • randy steffens posted 761 days ago

    randy steffens

    Despite what Mister Griffin hints at, you had a good week pickin' games; beat me by ONE. safe picks like those our Mister Griffin would seemingly attempt are not interesting at all, & I'm curious if he's as "knowledgeable" about all 125 (or...126 ?) FBS teams - keep up the good work, & don't worry about others' criticismms - unless (of course) they're preceded by a taco ...hee hee. Man - you're definitely keepin' busy - between 60+ picks & all those rankings - my kind of B/R columnist, sir !