Luke LaVoie

Luke LaVoie


I was born in Hartford, CT in late September 1978 into a family of devout Red Sox fans. Who could have known that 5 days after I was born Bucky "Bleeping" Dent would hit the home run that made him a household name with New Englanders. Growing up in my house, losing baseball was a family tradition, the same as it was for my parents and for my grandparents before them. My grandfather was 2 in 1918, and of course he was too young to remember baseball at that time, but every year the topic of conversation from April to August was, "this could be our year" and every year the topic of conversation in September was "well they blew it again, maybe next year". My grandfather was the reason I fell in love with this team, and I know he was smiling down from heaven on that fateful week in mid October 2004.

We moved to Raleigh, North Carolina when I was young, and several years later, low and behold so did the Whalers, who brought losing sports until the Hurricanes in 2006. What a great couple of years that was for all New England sports fans alike.

I moved to Washington, DC in 2009, once again to a city with a tradition of losing sports. The Redskins fans remind me so much of how us Sox fans were for all that time, every year could be "the year". And when it happens, this city probably won't be able to contain itself, just like Boston in 2004. Perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to see that while I live here.

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