Gordon Carson

Gordon Carson


Hey, my name's Gordon Carson. I am a fan of hockey, football, baseball and soccer (European football). My favourite teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New England Patriots, Toronto Blue Jays, NY Yankees, Man U, Real Madrid and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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  • Thomas Galicia posted 2124 days ago

    Thomas Galicia

    Thanks for the edit and advice!

  • Bleacher Report posted 2180 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Ah, the Oxford comma debate. Thanks for the edit.

  • Harold Friend posted 2182 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you. I appreciate it.

  • Bob Warja posted 2184 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the edits Gordon.

  • Harold Friend posted 2184 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thanks. No problems.

  • Michael Chung posted 2192 days ago

    Michael Chung

    Thanks Gordon.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 2196 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks for posting on my Bulletin Board and for your comments.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 2197 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks for the edits and feedback

  • Mike Wehling posted 2201 days ago

    Mike Wehling

    Thanks for the edit and feedback Gordon, I really appreciate it!

  • Sunil Ram posted 2202 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    Thanks for the feedback and edit Gordon, it's very much appreciated. I completely agree that switching the title to a question was the right thing to do.