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  • Chris Madden posted 954 days ago

    Chris Madden

    Thanks for the advice about tagging players. I tried to tag Brennan Boesch, who was the focal point of the article, but I couldn't. The search didn't bring him up.

  • Dan Renfro posted 962 days ago

    Dan Renfro

    Thanks for the edits and advice Errol!

  • Ed Kapp posted 962 days ago

    Ed Kapp

    Thanks a lot, Errol! Appreciate the edit, sir.

  • Gordon True posted 963 days ago

    Gordon True

    Great work, Errol, thanks

  • Mark Colvin posted 971 days ago

    Mark Colvin

    Hey there, Errol. Thanks for the edit of my Toronto FC article, but just one point. I know using the ' # ' isn't accepted on BR, but when using it in football (soccer) talk, #10 has a meaning. Its a specific type of player/position. The switch to No. 10 doesn't make sense in the context of the sentence. I know it sounds weird, but just a heads up.

  • Harold Friend posted 982 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you.

  • Jeff Chase posted 990 days ago

    Jeff Chase

    Thanks for the edit Errol. I don't why I forgot that part, my bad.

  • Tyler Horner posted 991 days ago

    Tyler Horner

    Hey Errol, since you did a perfect job on the last article of mine which you edited, I was wondering if you could edit my newest story:

    Thanks a bunch if you can do so!

  • John Rozum posted 992 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks a lot for the props bro, much appreciated

  • John Rozum posted 992 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks for the edits bro. i guess in my article I meant to say this "year" as opposed to this "week" just a brain fart on my end.