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Thanks for coming to this page. First, I've been a Baltimore Ravens fan since Week 3 of the 2008 season when I went to my first game. Before than, sports were never really my biggest interest. I only cheer for teams without a retired number and good charecter. So behind the Ravens I like the Dallas Cowboys, Jactsonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, and the Houston Texans. I have an invention for when I have too many collectables; I will insert them into a computer and they will be destroyed but the computer will remember them and make the object again with no memory limits. Also, we could live underground and have a giant generator when the sun blows up and then we'll jet to another star system.
My family also knows Lions HC Jim Schwartz and his family. I also have a LOT of football memorabilia:
Regular cards:
Too many to list.
Will Vaneseeg, Troy Smith, John Harbaugh (all on the same ball), Mark Clayon (Topps 2006 card), and Art Modell (2009 Chicago Bears 2009 ticket). I met them all.
Authentic Jersey patches: Peyton Manning, Willis McGahee, Ed Reed, Sam Beadford, Hines Ward, and Trent Edwards.
Jerseys: Bian Westbrook (green), Johnny Unitas (blue), replicas Lardarious Webb and Joe Flacco, Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice (all black), Ed Reed (white), Mark Clayton (white), Haloti Ngata, Ray Lewis (2, 1 replica), replica Chris Carr, Torrey Smith, Matt Stover, Anquan Boldin, and LeRon McClain (all purple).
Bobbleheads: Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Johnny Unitas, and John F. Kennedy. Plus some Astros baseball bobblehead.
Other: Chris Carr game ball against the Houston Texans.
NFL Personell that I have met:
Hines Ward
Willie Vanesteeg
Chris McAlister
Mark Clayton
Troy Smith
Steve Haushka
John Harbaugh
Art Modell
Dave Lang
Sarah Ellison
Ryan Mink
Although I love sports, I am also a dedicated Christian.
Thanks for visiting my page.
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