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  • Steve Smith posted 1991 days ago

    Steve Smith

    David, you might want to check out this piece by a talented young writer here on Bleacher Report named, Nick Carlo. It's a great read.



  • brandon Lam posted 1992 days ago

    brandon Lam

    Hey can you edit my article i put out about Terrel Owens thanks

  • John McCurdy posted 1998 days ago

    John McCurdy

    David, consider this a belated "thanks" for the edits on my Charles Barkley article.

  • Bill Anterline posted 2011 days ago

    Bill Anterline

    Hey David, thanks for the edit and the comments. I appreciate it man.

  • Harrison Moore posted 2012 days ago

    Harrison Moore

    I appreciate the feedback. Go Lakers

  • Chris Castaneda posted 2012 days ago

    Chris Castaneda

    Thanks for the edit, always great to have somebody else look at the work and fix all my errors.

    For some reason I tend to skip over my mistakes even when I proofread my own work. Thanks again.

  • Rich Kurtzman posted 2013 days ago

    Rich Kurtzman

    Thank you for yet another editing job well done! I wish you would have commented at the end of the article, instead of on the revision note about whether or not the Nuggets have a chance. I think they do, as long as Nene stays healthy. He is a legit big man, averaging 15 and 8.

    Thanks again,


  • Ladd posted 2014 days ago


    Thanks for the feedback. And good point about the vulgar comment. But that's how we do it at Laddy McFaddy. If you can tolerate the vulgarity, check me out at laddymcfaddy.com.

  • Greg Evans posted 2014 days ago

    Greg Evans

    Thanks David.

  • Tom Lorenzo posted 2015 days ago

    Tom  Lorenzo

    Thanks David. We'll see how DeAndre pans out. He has the tools to be a nice big man in the league, and GSW looks like a favorable matchup for him.