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  • Grant Lockard posted 978 days ago

    Grant Lockard

    Only UFC writer I read.

  • Grant Lockard posted 978 days ago

    Grant Lockard

    Only UFC reader I read.

  • G D posted 1191 days ago

    G D

    That's a great question to be asked Sam.

  • Sam Woodworth posted 1191 days ago

    Sam Woodworth

    When will Tito Ortiz learn?

  • Mark s posted 1192 days ago

    Mark s

    Garrett, any interest in writing for http://www.mixingmartialarts.com or if you know anyone else interested let me know.

  • G D posted 1194 days ago

    G D

    Yes Mike-- I'll make sure I get them to you. Thanks.

  • Mike D posted 1196 days ago

    Mike D

    Garrett - I assume (and hope) you were talking to me down there...

    Anyway, just need your list of 50 fighters & I'll do the rest (the Fantasy UFC League)

    If you got time, email 'em to md1020@hotmail.com

  • Alex Sanford posted 1197 days ago

    Alex Sanford

    Enjoy your work Garrett! I check daily.

  • G D posted 1197 days ago

    G D

    Mike-- I can't post on your wall but well done my friend. Solid job!

  • Mike D posted 1197 days ago

    Mike D

    Garrett, just need your 50 fighters... I'll do the rest -


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