Sweet tooth for sports rumours. Toronto born & raised and I support my hometown teams religiously.

I have stepped down from my Featured Columnist Position due to a heavy workload in school. Thank you for all the support and hopefully I will return one day!!

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  • Cian Fahey posted 2110 days ago

    Cian Fahey

    The thing for me is, professional sports are a business now. I don't see the sports on either side of the Atlantic as things that can work with any form of loyalty. It does exist in some factions, but you have to consider, home town discounts are only given out when the players are very good. If that player isn't good, the franchise/team/club doesn't want him back. Loyalty is something that must work both ways, I never see that in sports...ever.

    If you buy a season ticket at a soccer club for five years in a row then can't afford it the final year, you don't get given one for being loyal. You sit at home and watch the tv.

  • paul dober posted 2169 days ago

    paul dober

    Hey Mark

    What happened to the last article you did on the Leafs?

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2181 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Hey Mark! Glad you like them. Personally, I'm Spurs all the way when it comes to Spurs v Arsenal. I went crazy when Kyle Walker scored the winner against Arsenal in the last derby, and I'm not afraid to admit it haha.

  • Yoosof Farah posted 2182 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    Ah thanks mate. Yeah, Balotelli is the don. I mean, the crazy things he gets up to, you couldn't even make it up! In fact, he's such a top lad, I'm actually dressing up as Mario Balotelli for Halloween! haha