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I am and have always been an Orange Blooded Tennessee fan. I am also a fan of the SEC as a whole and always have been. Some of the best football over the years in this country has been produced by the Southeastern Conference. The SEC has had it's ups and downs but there have been more positives than negatives for many many years. I have seen Florida improve for the last eighteen or nineteen years to the point that they are an expected national powerhouse annually when they for years did not know how to win a conference championship much less a National Title. Alabama has produced some of the most exciting moments in NCAA history and now seems poised to start repeating a lot of their past success. Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, and Florida are usually perennial powerhouses and now we are seeing some of the most unlikely of candidates improving on an annual basis. Rich Brooks is doing a good job at Kentucky and Vanderbilt is blessed with a fine Head Coach right now. Ole Miss is looking up and the SEC as a whole has even more potential when it starts firing on all cylinders again. When you look at all twelve teams that make up our two divsions no one puts more teams as a conference in to post season play nor do any of the others have as many wins in the post season. We have something pretty good in the SEC and I only hope to see it get better in all of the teams represented in it.

I would very much like to see Tennessee win one more National Title before I have to clamor off of this mortal domain; because it seems as though my time may be getting shorter and shorter after a devastating battle with Cancer this past year; but no matter what I will always be rooting for my favorite teams and the SEC in general. I live and breath college football and I have since I was a very small boy. Nothing will ever change that and I am proud to be a part of this on line community.

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    Hey man, I had to re-read my comment. Didn't mean to make it sound like I was lashing out at you but this Chris dude is.......................