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Let's see, I just joined B/R and have had a chance to go through a few articles and a few profiles. It seems that I am a bit different from the 'typical' B/R writer...for instance, I'm not in college, I'm old(er), and I don't write for a living (or aspire to do that), and didn't take any writing classes in college, let alone major in a writing discipline. Instead, I'm just a fan who wrote a few funny sports related e-mails to some friends who encouraged me to go beyond my normal e-mail clique with some articles. I said, "hey, why not?"

A little about myself, I currently reside in the metro-Detroit area and am an avid Detroit Pistons fan. I'm originally from the metro-Cleveland area and grew up (and remain to this day) a Cleveland sports fan, but wanted to root for one local sports team. Being that my one true love is for the Cleveland Browns, I couldn't root for the Lions (and thank God for that). I'm not the biggest baseball fan, so it's tough to root for the Tigers. I never played or watched hockey, so the Red Wings thing seemed foreign to me. NBA Basketball is/was my one true love and the fact that the Cavs sucked at the time and the Pistons were really coming into their own, becoming a Pistons fan seemed like the logical choice. I was rewarded with the 2004 NBA Championship over the LA Lakers. OK, saying I was 'rewarded' sounds silly, but come on, I grew up in Cleveland and know nothing of championships. You never forget your first.

OK, so enough about my background...what qualifies me to write for b/r when I have no formal education and I'm old? That's a great question. Hopefully I can bring a little something different to the table than most as I'm doing it for the shear fun of communicating with other like minded people and not pimping myself for a gig. Also, I'm a 5 time HRFBL (fantasy basketball league) champion in the eight season we've been around. I mean, that's gotta count for something, right? I once traded for Lebron and KG in the same season, so clearly I know what I'm doing (note: sarcasm).

I look forward to writing some articles and getting involved in the community in any way I can. I hope to receive some constructive criticism and add my thoughts along the way in order to make this site just a little bit more entertaining.

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