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  • Colin W. posted 2125 days ago

    Colin W.

    Hey Spencer,

    I just published my latest article 'Ricky Rubio: The Spanish Sensation has Transformed the Minnesota Timberwolves'


    I really appreciate it if you checked it out.



  • John Friel posted 2191 days ago

    John Friel

    I was not aware, but it was a terrific piece, very thorough and accurate. My piece was out there probably because I'm a FC and get personal contact with the editors who usually give the nod to FC's before a contributor.

    Keep working though, you got some real quality pieces.

  • Jeremy Dorn posted 2208 days ago

    Jeremy Dorn

    Hey man, nice to hear from you! That's so crazy I couldn't believe it when Andrew told me you were on here...looks like you've got some good stuff for sure - I'm guessing you're into basketball haha! Well keep up the good work dude, more quality writing on this site the better!

  • Paul Pearson posted 2208 days ago

    Paul Pearson


    Jordan scores 63 points in playoff game-History Channel---the freaking history channel...


    MJ's record day in 1986: 63 points, a loss and a learning experience


    Tip-Off Timer: Michael Jordan's 63 Remains Playoff High

    "That was God disguised as Michael Jordan."
    -- Larry Bird, after Michael Jordan set the NBA playoff record for most points in a game with 63 in a double-overtime loss to the Boston Celtics, 135-131.


    And I could go on and on...the Flu game, The Shot., The Shot Part II, the Shrug, The " and a Spectacular Move by...game" and many more games by mere mention of the words tell you who they are speaking of...a few of these games top the 2 you have listed here, not because Jordan scored more point, he obviously didn't, but because of when he scored them...you see MJ in really big games came to play, when the most was at stake...there is no greater scoring performance in the History of the NBA Play-offs or otherwise than Mj's 63...not Wilt...not Kobe.


    You can say well the Bulls lost, it was in a losing effort. but if you only look at the result of the game for sure, but the reality is what a single man was able to do against a top 3 NBA All-time defense on the road with the most hostel crowd imaginable in Celtics fans in the 80's, you have to see why I say what I do. Why I have to say "The Most Impressive Scoring Performance, Ever"= God Disguised as Michael Jordan as mine.

    Michael Jordan had only played in 18 games that year and was in only his second yr in the league...playing on a team that was 30-52 and was going to have a top 5 pick had he not come back, preceded to put on a show that only the best of the best could.

    The is impossible not to enjoy...even if you hate Jordan...but love the game...must see.