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SAUL WISNIA is a former sports and news correspondent for The Washington Post and feature writer for The Boston Herald who is now senior publications editor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He has authored, co-authored or contributed to numerous books on Boston baseball history, including his latest -- Fenway Park: The Centennial His essays and articles have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Red Sox Magazine, and The Boston Globe, and he shares Fenway reflections in cyberspace at Wisnia lives 6.78 miles from MLB's oldest ballpark in Newton, MA, and can be reached at or @saulwizz

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  • dutchsoxfan posted 1610 days ago


    Hey Saul, Thanks for your message on my board. I've got some stories for you and will take some time this weekend to write them down. I'll send you an email this Sunday (just found out the game is delayed so I'll give you the 1st one). Back in 2000 I moved to Boston (gap year between high school and college) and the Red Sox became my life. Even though I live in Holland at the moment, I still manage to watch 120-140 games a year and travel to the US at least once a year to see them play (I'll be @Coors in September). What I like about your question is the fact that 2000 is the first year of your story and my first Red Sox game @ Fenway was Opening Day and the story behind that game is a good one. I was really excited because Martinez was pitching that day and was looking forward to see him pitch in person after watching him pitch on TV against Seattle in their 1st game when he threw 7 shutout innings, gave up 2 hits & 2 walks and 11 strikeouts. I was disappointed he threw, despite giving up only 1 run, just 1 strikeout in 5 innings. Little did I know Jimmy Williams didn't take the ball from Pedro, but from his brother Ramon!!!
    I''ll finish this story with a trivia:
    Nomar was amazing and had 4 hits & 3 rbi's, but his jersey wasn't the one I bought after the game. The one I bought was the one, because I thought it was hilarious and he was the star of the game, Mr my middle name is "Don't Call Me Malden". Without checking the boxscore, who's this guy? (I guess this is an easy one;-).

  • Steve Pere posted 1870 days ago

    Steve Pere

    Hey Saul, I would like to offer you the proverbial peace-pipe. I just read that the Rangers signed the brother of Jurickson Profar, Juremi Profar, to a contract. The kid is 16 years old, how can MLB allow minors to sign professional contracts? If you want to pound-the-drum on that rule changing, I'm all in! Peace.

  • Chris Ryan posted 1932 days ago

    Chris Ryan

    I don't think I took out the poll, but if I did, it was unintentional. Sorry about that.

  • Gabe Zaldivar posted 1957 days ago

    Gabe Zaldivar

    Thanks a ton for the props. Yes, this now reminds me of Pee Wee Herman. I could swear my brother had a doll that once looked like that. Still freaks me out.

  • Dmitriy Ioselevich posted 2160 days ago

    Dmitriy Ioselevich

    Good to hear from you, Saul. It's always nice to see more Orange pride around here, and Boston pride of course. Feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter @dioselev.

  • Tim Coughlin posted 2173 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Good man. If we don't have any NBA this year, my basketball attention will be fully focused on the CAA.

    Let's hope my attention is split, though,


  • Kean Bartelman posted 2185 days ago

    Kean Bartelman

    No problem. Hopefully the Sox will give us something positive to write about this offseason and next season, especially since the most heinous collapse of all time.