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I did have 200 comments but came back after a 6 month absence and now they're all gone. Must've p**sed someone off.

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  • Louie Babcock posted 1244 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    I am back with part 6 of my submission series. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1135332-if-submission-moves-were-real-part-6-the-ankle-lock

  • Louie Babcock posted 1245 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Thank you very much for the props on my latest article. Just thought you would like to know, in addition to part 6 of my submission series, I will also have another article out tomorrow as well.

  • Louie Babcock posted 1250 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Thank you very much for the props of part 5 of my submission move series.

  • Louie Babcock posted 1251 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    I am back with part 5 of my submission move series. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1125950-if-submission-moves-were-real-part-5-the-camel-clutch#/articles/1125950-if-submission-moves-were-real-part-5-the-camel-clutch

  • Louie Babcock posted 1254 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Breaking news, Flair confirmed to be in attendance at Hall of Fame. Here is my article about it. Would very much like to hear your thoughts on it. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1121742-hall-of-fame-2012-breaking-news-ric-flair-confirmed-to-be-in-attendance

  • Louie Babcock posted 1258 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Hi, I am back with part 4 of my submission series, hope you enjoy it. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1116085-if-submission-moves-were-real-part-4-breaking-down-the-bear-hug

  • Chris Humphrey posted 1264 days ago

    Chris Humphrey

    Thanks for becoming a fan of my articles, Great Punk - It's much appreciated and hope you continue to enjoy my work here on B/R!

  • Louie Babcock posted 1264 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Thanks again for the props. Glad you liked part 3.

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 1264 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Appreciate the fan add. Hope you enjoy what I write in the future.

  • Louie Babcock posted 1265 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Part 3 of my submission series is up. Would love to know what you think about it.http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1106427-if-submission-moves-were-real-part-three-breaking-down-the-cross-face