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Kevin Alonzo

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A recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, I began my writing career as a sports reporter for The Daily Collegian—the school's student-operated newspaper. Now an intern for Bleacher Report's Advanced Program in Sports Media, I hope to enhance my skills as a sports writer in an ever-changing era of journalism.

My passion and enthusiasm for sports is showcased in my writing, as I make an effort to deliver work that is both informative and enjoyable to read.

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  • Ernesto R. posted 771 days ago

    Ernesto R.

    May be I have an opportunity for you please contact me
    thank you

  • Ernesto R. posted 771 days ago

    Ernesto R.

    May I have and opportunity for you, can you contact me
    Thank you

  • A G 32 posted 849 days ago

    A G 32

    Kevin, you forgot to mention Browns now have the best OL in NFL with addition of top OL-man Cameron Erving and return from injury pro bowl Alex Mack at Center. LG Joel Bitonio has been super and will make pro bowl and so three to four pro bowl OL will make things happen on offense. McCown may do much better with a great OL and Browns D will be very strong. Update your rankings of Browns! BUD GENOVESE, President SF BAY AREA BROWNS BACKERS

  • Bleacherreport Sucks posted 864 days ago

    Bleacherreport Sucks

    ""Though he has improved the team incrementally, Jackson failed because he didn't provide Carmelo Anthony with a complementary superstar that could help New York contend in a weak Eastern Conference.""

    - Depending on what happens with DeAndre Jordan (though a very valid argument can be made that he's not a true, A-list superstar) the only team able to nab a prized "superstar" free agent was the San Antonio Spurs, so according to your logic, every other team in the NBA are also failures for not signing a "superstar." And let's not mention the fact that the Knicks drafted a guy that a lot of draft analysis and NBA execs believe to have the most potential in this year's draft in Kristaps Porzingis. Plenty of teams in the NBA prove that you win by drafting and developing players and by signing key free agents that fit a certain role in the teams system. The Knicks did both this offseason but because they didn't sign LaMarcus, "DERP, duhhhh, the Knicks are the biggest loser of free agency, derp."


    ""The additions of Arron Afflalo—who reached a two-year, $16 million deal with the Knicks last week—and Robin Lopez—who signed for four years and $54 million—give the Knicks instant upgrades at positions of need. They overpaid for both guys....""

    - If you calculate Robin Lopez's Win Share advance stats from the past three years to Greg Monroe's, he's has the same amount of wins as Greg but Greg is getting paid 3 million more a year than Robin Lopez. And Arron Afflalo, who is a 3-D player, is getting paid 8 million a year while his other 3-D counterparts; K. Middleton 5 years-70 million, D. Carroll 4-60, W. Matthews 4-57, D. Green 4-45, are getting paid significantly more. And if you compare Afflalo's per game and per 36 minutes stats to Middleton, who's getting paid 54 million dollars more, their stats are nearly identical; ( So how exactly are they overpaid? You didn't even bother backing up your claim. Can you?


    ""It's important to remember, though, that this is still a guy (Robin Lopez) who is seven seasons into his NBA career and has done little on the offensive end.""

    - Well it's a good thing that the Knicks signed Lopez for his defense and not his offense. Also, let's not mention that he's a great free throw shooter for a big man (76%), he's great at pick-and-roll, a great offensive rebounder, which means second chance points/easy put backs. Granted, he's not a post up offensive threat like his twin brother, but to say he provides little on the offensive end is laughable.


    ""Yes he (Robin Lopez) can rebound, but he's never averaged a double-double for a single season."""

    - Well his first four season in the NBA, he only averaged 15 minutes a game. Pretty hard to get a double-double with only 15 minutes a game. The only year he averaged more than 30 minutes a game was two years ago with Portland with 31 minutes a game and that year he averaged 8.5 rebounds and 11.1 points. He probably would of got double digit rebounds if he wasn't sharing rebound duties with LaMarcus Aldridge that year, who is a perennial double digit rebounder. And if you look at his per 36 minutes stats (which he will probably be getting now that he's a full time starter and not sharing minutes with anyone) his per 36 minutes stats averages out to 14 points and 9 rebounds a game. So yes, he's never averaged a double-double, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable.


    ""The former first-round pick (Robin Lopez) out of Stanford has not materialized into the player many projected coming out of college.""

    - Well according to; ""More mobile and athletic than his twin brother Brook. Really hits the glass hard and hustles for loose balls. An excellent shot blocker (led the Pac-Ten as a freshman at 2.4 per game.) With his quickness and explosive leaping ability he has a real chance to be a factor as a shot blocker on the next level. Foot speed is good allowing him to get to rebounds and run the floor very well. Tough, hardnosed player willing to do the dirty work to help his team win. Both brothers are extremely long and naturally strong and aggressive."".......... Sure guy, he didn't ""materialized into the player many projected coming out of college.""


    ""So with Afflalo and Lopez—along with the low-risk signings of Derrick Williams and Kyle O'Quinn as marquee pickups, the Knicks have a team that's destined for failure.""

    - Well, I went and calculated the players career Win Shares advance stats and;
    Carmelo Anthony: 6.9 - 8.2
    Robin Lopez - 6.8 - 7.5 (only his past three season, excluded Suns season for the obvious reasons above)
    Jose Calderon: 5.1 - 6.2
    Arron Afflalo - 3.7 - 4.2
    Derrick Williams - 2.4 - 2.6
    Kyle O’Quinn - 1.8 - 2.5
    Langston Galloway: 1.3 - 2.4
    Early, Ledo, Porzingis, Grant - N/A (Not enough data/Rookie) - Guesstimating 4 - 8
    Projected Wins: 32 - 41.6
    Now granted, this is a projection, but it's a lot more truthful than ""the Knicks have a team that's destined for failure."" Advance stats analysis versus...... a opinion.


    ""Stars were supposed to want to join the Knicks because of Jackson, but that hasn't been the case to this point.""

    - This is a media created view point, being pushed by the media and only accepted by the media. The media has created this notion of "stars wanting to join the Knicks." Don't blame the Knicks for something you and you're people created in the media.


    ""With about $26 million in cap space at the outset of free agency, the Knicks could have signed one of the big names to a max contract, but flopped.""

    - Like I said before, only one superstar switched teams, so according to your logic, every other team also ""flopped.""


    ""It is unknown whether Jackson's unrelenting commitment to the triangle offense or the dysfunctional cloud hovering over the franchise has impeded the Knicks' ability to attract premier talent. But the bottom line is that the Jordan's, Aldridge's and Greg Monroe's of the world won't be wearing blue and orange in 2015.
    Heck, Aldridge didn't even give Knicks executives a chance to make a pitch, as he canceled his scheduled meeting with the team, per Sean Highkin of
    Yes the Knicks had an outside shot at landing Jordan or Aldridge...."

    - RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE!!! "Yes the Knicks had an outside shot at landing Jordan or Aldridge...." So your little soliloquy was unwarranted when you had the answer right there. To further it more, the Knicks didn't offer the max to Greg, the bucks did, so he went to the Bucks ( Aldridge went back to his home state to play for a contender.... hmmm, home state and a contender or a team that's in rebuilding mode??? And DeAnd..... well, let's leave it at that.


    ""The fact that Monroe spurned New York for Milwaukee is an indictment of how mad things are around the Mecca of Basketball these days.""

    - Bucks offered more money ( He spurned because of more money. It's not that mad, it's logical. You're just trying to create an illusion of madness that isn't there. News writing is no longer about providing the actual news, it's about creating an illusion of the news, Ron Burgundy.


    ""In mid-April, a league executive told Frank Isola of the New York Daily News that Monroe to the Knicks was "about as close to a done deal as you can get."
    And what happened? Monroe signed with the Milwaukee Bucks for three years and $50 million, while the Knicks settled for Robin Lopez.""

    - Hopefully for the final time; ( And the Knicks didn't settle, they made the smart choice of not overpaying for a one dimensional player.


    ""For most other teams, last week's acquisitions would have been enough. But the Knicks have been underachieving for too long to get a pass.
    New York is a basketball town through and through and is desperate for a winner. When Jackson came over, a new era of Knicks basketball filled with promise and excitement appeared within reach.
    So far, Jackson has fallen short of all expectations, unable to change the losing culture that's surrounded this organization for decades now.""

    - LOL!!!..... He's been at the job for one year!?... LMAO!!! Really!?.... For reals.... REALLY??? Are you-are you serious???..... ONE YEAR!?!? I....I.....I don't even know what to say after something so moronic-brainless-idiotic-asinine-ludicrous-just plain out witless as this. How are come you're allowed.........WHAT!???