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  • Tim Daniels posted 2231 days ago

    Tim Daniels

    Hey, Ken.

    I apologize for the slow reply, it's been a hectic couple of days. Looking at your roster, I think that would be a smart move if Turner's owner is willing to accept. You might get better value for Maclin at this point because of Arizona's QB situation. I am a huge fan of Cruz's and Brown's value moving forward, so you should be fine at that position moving forward regardless of which big name you move.

    It might sound crazy, but unless you play in a league where you start 2 QBs, I would consider trading Newton or Brees (your choice, I would trade Newton). You can only play one once the playoffs roll around anyway, so if you can get a top-tier RB for one of them, that may actually round out your team in the best way possible. Then you could still trade a WR for more depth at RB if you felt the need.

    Have an awesome week,

  • Tim Daniels posted 2259 days ago

    Tim Daniels

    Thanks for the kind words, Ken.

    I understand your frustration with Fitzgerald. There's two problems: 1. Defenses don't have to worry about any other threats in the passing game, so are smartly shading in his direction and forcing Kolb to look elsewhere. And 2. If you tried to trade him, you probably wouldn't get fair market value for him because of his unusually slow start.

    I would hold onto him because of the problem No. 2 poses (don't trade him just for the sake of having somebody else on your roster.) But if you could get another consensus top eight WR for him and feel like a change, go for it.

    Have an awesome week!