Tucker stokes

Tucker stokes


I am Tucker Stokes, I am an Orioles and Ravens fan. I hope to someday work in Baseball Player Development and Scouting, and someday be a GM. I am also a huge fan of Moneyball(I read and own the book, well before i knew of an upcoming movie). I am also a huge fan of Paul Depodesta and how he revolutionized baseball. In my opinion people strongly under value how the use of statistics dictate the way baseball is played today. I also find that people often over value the contributions of a manager to a major league team, while the "Joe Maddon's" and "Buck Showalters" of the world do contibute heavily to their clubs winning the "Joe Girardis" of the world simpily manage a talent stocked team, while I also have noticed that managers that can contribute(and often do) to their teams victorys(ie Terry Franconea) are viewed to be only managing a talented club. While that happens I also find that people undervalue the contributions of the coaching staff to their teams. Here are examples of that:, The Orioles runners got thrown out less when DeMarlo Hale was their Thirdbase coach because he made more "educated" sends the the pervious coaching duo of John Russel and Wille Randolph. But the Russel/Randoph were however better thirdbase coachs then the coaching duo before them of Juan Samuel and Gary Allenson. Another example of this is with Orioles Catcher Matt Wieters, when John Russel(a bad thirdbase coach but then moved to bench coach so he did not get canned) was the catching coach(his other duty when he was the 3rd base coach which moved with him to bench coach) Wieters defence improved vastly as to when Jeff Datz was the the catching coach, and is it any conicidence that Mark Reynolds became a great 1st baseman under Hale's watch but with Randolph he couldnt play 1st or 3rd? Should'nt Rick Adair get some credit for the starting pitching improving in 2011 when he took the pitching coach role over, and credit for the 2012 starting rotation? Should'nt Wayne Kirby get credit for turning Chris Davis into an option in the outfield? My point is coaches also help turn players around, but they only get notcied when a GM puts their name on an interview list for a manager, or when a manager tells the press how much he likes his bench coachs help in running the game, they should get more credit but they don't I just wonder why?

My Baseball Ideals,
Manager Hiring: I dont get the whole "manager in waiting" stuff, look at Brad Mills grant it he had no players but he didnt have any effect on his club like a manager should. If a guy proves that in your organization that he is a good manager then he might be your manager in waiting, but if a guy has not managed in the minors but has coached in the Bigs dont count on that guy no matter who he is, there are four kind of hires that have proven to me that they work and work well (1) Managers who have managed before, grant it they made it in somehow but if you've managed before your a guy who might be a good hire if youve succed as a coach before (2) A minor league manager or bench coach from within your team, ie: if coach x has been a minor league manager with the team for awhile and has been promoted to our MLB staff and has been there for a year at least, (3) a coach who has been a coach with another teams sucessful manager for awhile and seems to fit the team culture(not nessarily a manager in waiting but you think he fits) (4) a former player from our team that could lead well, preforablly a catcher but does not need to be and must be a good clubhouse guy overall.

Here is a list of guys I would interview for a manager job at this point in times:
DeMarlo Hale
Sam Perlozzo
Ken Macha
Sandy Alomor Jr.
Wayne Kirby
Rhyne Sandberg
Bob Geren
John Russel
Randy Knorr
Brian Butterfield
Larry Bowa
Tom Foley
Dan Radison
Willie Randolph
Mike Maddux

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  • Zachary Ball posted 769 days ago

    Zachary Ball

    Hey Tucker, I'm still around man. Just don't have the time to write enough to be considered for FC status. Keep up the good work!

  • Alex Snyder posted 822 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    Probably one of the three. I've always liked Wakamatsu, so I'd be happy with him, or Dauer.

  • Alex Snyder posted 822 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    He wouldn't be a bad option, but I just don't see that happening because I think Buck will either go with a connection of his or a deeper-rooted O's connection.

  • Alex Snyder posted 822 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    I honestly don't really care, haha. I know that sounds bad but it just doesn't seem like as big of an issue to me as how the O's are going to upgrade on the field. It's a shame we had to lose Hale, and we're not going to replace him with someone better, but I trust Buck to pick the right man for the job.

  • Alex Snyder posted 823 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    Maybe later this week, should the O's not fill that hole before then. I've got another one due up in a couple days :)

  • Corey Hanley posted 1009 days ago

    Corey Hanley

    It's all good man. I just decided to step down.

  • Eli Marger posted 1036 days ago

    Eli Marger

    Wieters: .303/.391/.618 through last night, 7 HR, 17 RBI.

    I told you he'd break out!

  • Eammon Azizi posted 1119 days ago

    Eammon Azizi

    Thanks for the note - looking forward to adding fresh stories to the O's feed this season. Hope you'll dig'em!

  • Chris Stephens posted 1125 days ago

    Chris Stephens

    Sorry to hear that. The military is tough life to live and various things can happen.