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Hey, my name is Matt Martino (the profile pic isn't really me).

I live in the northern-most-city in the world: Fairbanks, AK. Back in the day (when I was young I’m not a kid anymore – remember that song), basketball was a religion in this town because, unless you had $30,000 to play hockey, hoops was the only other team sport to participate in during the long, cold, and dark winter. During the summer, you played hoops as well because there wasn't anything else to do.

It's different now, with the PS3, iPod, cell phones, PSP's and whatnot. Kids don't even talk to each other let alone play basketball.

Anyway, that's how my passion for hoops was spawned. I currently play city league ball in which I try to relive my glory days of high school basketball and college intramurals. No, seriously though, I just love to play. Sometimes I love the game to much, and have been known to get tossed from a game or two - Sheed style.

I currently have an internship with Athlete Interactive and write/update Josh Howard's official site,

Yeck (soft J) it out.

I aspire to one day be the beat writer of an NBA franchise, preferably Golden State, New York, or Phoenix. I grew up rooting for those squads. There's really no logic behind it, you just root for the teams you like watching when growing up 400 miles in the interior of Alaska.

And no I don't know Sarah Palin but I did play against Carlos Boozer in high school.

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