Have been in sports television for over 20 years, started in Minneapolis, spent time in Arizona, moved to Connecticut and worked at ESPN for three years then moved to Denver to work at the Mountain West Sports Network for four years.
Came back to the Twin Cities in August 2011 to get married.
Grew up in Minneapolis, played football, hockey and baseball in high school, then played football at the University of St. Thomas.

Other writing can be found at www.doesntanybodyknock.wordpress.com, mediumhappy.com and Minnesota Score Magazine.

Can be reached at bhubbell34@gmail.com

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  • Brian Dezelske posted 396 days ago

    Brian Dezelske

    Bill, shot you an email a few mins ago... wanted to let you know here just in case my email went to your junk folder. Hope to hear back from you.

  • Giancarlo King posted 400 days ago

    Giancarlo King

    Keep up the great work.

  • Tim Arcand posted 413 days ago

    Tim Arcand

    Bill - Way to go, F/C of the week! Well deserved sir!

  • Bob Garman posted 568 days ago

    Bob Garman

    Really strong piece. Your knowledge of both the Vikings and the national college scene is evident throughout.

    I'm currently in the FC program for WWE writing, but have done a few pieces on the Vikings. If I were writing Vikings pieces on a regular basis, I'd aspire to this level of quality.

    Thanks for the interesting and informative article.

  • Nate Sanders posted 640 days ago

    Nate Sanders

    no wonder you dont work for ESPN no more that "vikings most disappointing" article made me dumber just by reading it do you even think out your articles before you write them or just drink a case of beer and just go for it?

  • Garrett posted 640 days ago


    Your article's are fairly good for the most point, but the "Vikings Most Disappointing players through 5 weeks" Needs to be kind of re-thought, otherwise, your articles are pretty good...

  • Tim Arcand posted 784 days ago

    Tim Arcand

    Bill - Congratulations on the NFL article of the week! That's really great.

  • Brian Dezelske posted 836 days ago

    Brian Dezelske

    Thanks for reading and the props, Bill! I think Gilmore and Smith could both be there at No. 35... if that's the case, I don't know who they'd take.

    I just wouldn't go WR in the 2nd round... not with this deep of a class. I'm getting blasted for thinking the Vikes would be taking a DB there though.

  • Brian Dezelske posted 885 days ago

    Brian Dezelske

    Great piece on the Life After A.P. article... so sad, but so true... hopefull the guy can come back like Welker has, but it's such a crap shoot.

  • rob M posted 925 days ago

    rob M

    Bill could you(if you have time) write a ten most hated vikings players of all time...Thanks..