Steven Podraza

Steven Podraza


SportsNight airs every Monday Night from 7-8PM (ET). Tune in to see what the world of sports has in-store for the week!!!!!!

Radio Segments:
“Back in Black, This Week in BoilerMaker Athletics” Here we will breakdown and analyze each Purdue Men’s Football and Basketball games in the prior week. Also, we will preview the week’s upcoming games. We will also fill you in on what else is going on in Purdue Sports.

“Headline Crossfire” is our favorite part of the show. Here we take some of the top headlines in sports and we each weigh in on it.

Finally, depending on the time of year, we will talk more in depth about the NCAAF, NCAABB, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA etc.......

“The Final Word” This is where we take a minute each and have our closing comments about anything.

“Signing off”. Here we will preview our next show and sign off.

To listen to our go to WCCR website @ then click “listen now”.
You can listen through Itunes. Open Itunes>Radio>College>WCCR.

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