Aaron Allison

Aaron Allison


I just plain love baseball and hockey, but enjoy watching basketball and football as well. I do my best to follow both the MLB and NHL to stay up on the subject matter, but following 60 teams is tough, so if I get something wrong, let me know. I'm always willing to admit it. Let's talk sports!

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  • Steven Schlarman posted 1430 days ago

    Steven Schlarman

    134 days ago, you posted on my profile: "Seriously, what's wrong with sincerity these days? Do you have to be nice to every fan of every team to be credible? I certainly don't think so. No more friendly fire, Steven." I have no clue what this even means or what it was about, but I took issue with it regardless.

    I'm not trying to be "credible". I'm a sports fan, just like every other fan on this site, besides a handful of actual writers. STL fans are known for being nice to other fans anyways. You're a fan, I'm a fan. Let others be fans the way they wish without your petty squabble. After all, if we are really being honest with ourselves, most fans decide on their teams based on their hometown. That's a really sad thing to be angry at one another for.

  • Kyle B posted 1563 days ago

    Kyle B

    I didn't even get a chance to say thanks!! Which comment did you find offensive? :)