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I've been interested in amateur talent ever since I learned about baseball. My life's ambition is to become a sports reporter, a pioneer, who give high school and college baseball, as well as the MLB draft, the exposure it deserves, People, in my opinion, should know where their star players came from, and as a passionate fan of amateur baseball, I feel that I can be a pioneer in giving amateur baseball the national exposure it deserves.

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  • Patrick Harte posted 1534 days ago

    Patrick Harte

    Hey man how about that game Sunday? I recall you saying that the Falcons were going to stomp their asses :).

  • Chuck Bron posted 1848 days ago

    Chuck Bron

    Did you delete it because i made sense and you came up like a crazy rabid douche ?

    No worries :)

  • Chuck Bron posted 1848 days ago

    Chuck Bron

    lol,good god man .... reeeeelaaaax take a chill pill.whats with the so much hostility ?

    why did you delete my reply in that article after the whole pompous get into your small ass comment you made ?


  • justin zorn posted 1959 days ago

    justin zorn

    Why do you think the Mets are keeping Kirk down in the minors, if the season is already over shouldn't they be trying to play him more

  • Dominick DiFucci posted 1983 days ago

    Dominick DiFucci

    We are currently looking for writers on I am curious if you wanted to write for us..I am looking for someone to write about the Mets Farm system and their players.. Contact Me at

  • Amy Streifer posted 2006 days ago

    Amy Streifer

    Sorry, I just saw that message about Stony Brook. I thought that they had a genuine chance, but I knew that if their offense didn't perform like they did in the regular season, that they'd be eliminated in no time. It's still great that SBU made the CWS for the first time in our school's history, and it really put our baseball team on the map for the upcoming seasons. GO SEAWOLVES!

  • Amy Streifer posted 2012 days ago

    Amy Streifer

    I enjoy reading your articles! And I also like the fact that you chose Sampras over Federer. Sampras was my favorite!

  • Zachary D. Rymer posted 2034 days ago

    Zachary D. Rymer

    Thanks for the kind words, old sport.

  • Matthew Rosso posted 2053 days ago

    Matthew  Rosso

    I just read your article on Kirk vs Bryce... I must admit, your thought that Kirk is a lock for April Player of the month is absolutely ridiculous. There are 10 players that deserve to be ahead of him, read more into the rest of the league rather than just NY.

  • Mike Latorre posted 2055 days ago

    Mike Latorre

    I'm from Ridgefield. I think I've seen you at a few LifeTeen events at St. Mary's.