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Jonathan Snowden is a Bleacher Report lead writer. He's a former radio DJ and television producer who worked for the White House Communications Agency in Washington, D.C. He currently works for the Department of Defense.

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  • Alan Reynolds posted 4 days ago

    Alan Reynolds

    It seems you do have control over the comments.

  • Jonathan Snowden posted 7 days ago

    Jonathan  Snowden

    I don't have any control over the comments.

  • Alan Reynolds posted 8 days ago

    Alan Reynolds

    Jonathan, If you write an article about somebody or something at least have the bravery to allow other people's opinions in the comments.

    Especially an article where there plainly was a misunderstanding. You are a disgrace.

    Romero in the post fight interview clearly says 'No forget Jesus, people!' yet you finish the article with 'misunderstanding' in quotes. Why did you not try to clarify this instead of spewing hyperbole and just writing what a lot of people want to hear?

    I doubt I will get a response but you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Silvano Rasta posted 8 days ago

    Silvano Rasta

    Same as previous message. Why did u disable comments on the Gay Jesus article? Romero never said that dude. He is incoherent, awful English and many things but he is 180 from being confrontational in any sense. Dude is like a kid. I'm sure he doesn't care at all about same sex marriage. I saw your tweets and it looks like you were a Machida fan and since Machida got smashed you are diverting the attention to Yoel comments. Hope you and Machida recover.

  • Since your article doesn't allow comments, I'll post this here. Yoel said "No forget Jesus", makes a whole lot more sense than "No for gay Jesus".

  • Julien Ricky posted 38 days ago

    Julien Ricky

    i have sent an email 2 BR about it. blocking u on twitter did not work. i use the same account to sign into the app. I do not wish 2 see your random rambling and users should not have to put up with it. im sorry dude. im sure you are a nice guy and i have nothing personal against you but you are a shitty writer and ur tweets are mindless to the point as if you were just trolling.

  • Julien Ricky posted 38 days ago

    Julien Ricky

    dude if u wanna write about boxing find another section why your tweets about boxing and other stuff appearing in MMA section of the app?? it's frustrating. users shouldnt have 2 put up with it. I thought BR app was about providing information on the sport you like in my case MMA not about your person life or your opinion on apples, politics, movies and other sports. constant boxing taunts are annoying. i did not install app 2 see 10 tweets a minute from u and no story on MMA.

  • Onofre Fernandez posted 57 days ago

    Onofre Fernandez

    Excellent article on Canelo-Kirkland.....thank you.

  • Andy Linteau posted 67 days ago

    Andy Linteau

    Your latest article about manny and floyd is lame. I get it trying to stir up controversy, but at the expense of who? In this case, it was you my friend. You're the one that look bad. When you talk bad about a good man (Manny), you're the one that looks bad. FYI... BTW if you had filipino friends... you don't anymore.

  • Jonathan Snowden posted 67 days ago

    Jonathan  Snowden

    Just a note: I don't have anything to do with the comment system at Bleacher Report. I'm sorry if any of you have had issues with trying to make your voices heard.