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Jonathan Snowden is a Bleacher Report lead writer. He's a former radio DJ and television producer who worked for the White House Communications Agency in Washington, D.C. He currently works for the Department of Defense.

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  • Rob Marino posted 4 days ago

    Rob Marino

    You may want to re-configure some of your rankings on the top pound-for-pound fighters with the beating Chris Weidman gave Machida this past weekend. Machida might be able to stay in the top 20-25, but Chris Weidman has to move up and into top 10 after that showing sir. It's odd, in hindsight, how you have The All-American ranked 15, and The Dragon ranked 14 a month before their fight, with now what looks like a much bigger gap in Weidman's favor. You also might want to pump up his striking stats a bit more after out-striking Lyoto, who i'm sure has ever been out stuck to such a degree.

  • The Smiling Knight posted 13 days ago

    The Smiling Knight

    Congrats on the MMA 125 series of articles. Even though I don't agree with all the rankings you did a great job and I am sure it took a lot of time and research.

    One more thing I apologize for calling a dumb motherf@#ker on your Gustafsson/Manuwa fight pass article a few months back. Sometimes my PTSD gets the better of my judgment .

  • Daryl Walser posted 18 days ago

    Daryl Walser

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  • Sir CJ posted 18 days ago

    Sir  CJ

    Question for you Snowden. If this list had been made 4 years ago, or even three (By 'this list' I mean your most recent Top 15 MWs). When Anderson had just finished dominating the entire division. Would his number ranking be higher? Like did he have better striking/defense or grappling then, or maybe he'd have gotten a 24 on Intangibles because he beat people before they ever showed up? Or does this mean that Anderson, when you put his numbers in like this, was never as 'good' or 'effective' as Weidman and Machida? Just a little confused because despite his last to KOs I still look at Andy as the GOAT and would think that his overall ranking would reflect that, unless of course, its because he's not as good as he once was (very possible).

    Sir CJ

  • Jonathan Krol posted 61 days ago

    Jonathan Krol

    Jonathan, I'm a huge fan of your writing. I think you fill a void in terms of the real stories in combat sports. Oftentimes the story is not what happens in a fight, but it's cultural, social or personal significance, and you extrapolate those points succinctly. I'd like to see more MMA pieces, as opposed to wrestling and boxing, but that's just fan talk. Continue doing your thing. I enjoy the reads!

  • doc savage posted 76 days ago

    doc savage

    Brilliant article on the sport and Jones Mr Snowden. Exceptional. Thanks for your macro and micro observations on the Perfect Storm the UFC has created from the sport of MMA! What a blast.

  • Kerry Pierce posted 89 days ago

    Kerry Pierce

    I just read your Rousey vs Cyborg piece from 3/31. I am quite taken aback by your attitude, which seems to be that Cyborg is the best ever, EVER, regardless of her recent record.

    Who has she fought in the last 3 years? How long will the PED's give her a competitive edge? All of that is forgiven and forgotten? She should get an immediate title shot? She shouldn't have to go to 135 and demonstrate that she really is such a great MMA fighter, by convincingly beating 2 or 3 of the top 135 fighters?

    Of course the Baars' fight is important. You seem to think that Cyborg didn't take that fight with the idea that she'd bowl Baars over with her bull rush and then have yet another "significant win" to trumpet. Really, you don't think that she took that fight with that intention? But it backfired on her and she got beaten, soundly and convincingly.

    The Cyborg apologists insist that it wasn't a fair fight, that Baars was fighting her own sport, one that is completely different than MMA. Well, let's see. The main difference of the 2 sports are, no grappling. Otherwise, both allow kicks to the head/body and knees to the head/body, which is where Cyborg was beaten, almost KO'd. That wouldn't happen in an MMA fight where a top level kick boxer/muay thai fighter could do the same, assuming that they had the skill to keep her at a distance?

    I'd like to see Cyborg come to the UFC, even at 135, but I'd like to see her demonstrate that she's relevant today, by beating a couple of the top 135 fighters. OTOH, if she can't fight at 135, we can hope that enough 145 fighters come along to make a UFC division.

  • King of the Spread posted 100 days ago

    King of the Spread

    Hey Buddy, I don't think you are able to get mad at Ronda's four horsemen if you don't even know who the Original Four Horsemen are.

    It's not your WCW pals it is Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, Jim Crowley, and Elmer Layden the backfield for the 1924 Notre Dame Football team that played under the Great Knute Rockne.

  • Ray Gutierrez posted 102 days ago

    Ray Gutierrez


    Are you on Dana White's payroll?

    Did you see the kick-boxing match?

    Cyborg did more than hold her own and was gaining ground against the champ Baar. know.... I know....and the whole world knows that Dana White is manipulating the sport and hiding Roussey so that Cyborg doesn't get to her. We all know that Cyborg would beat Roussey to a pulp. The responsible thing is to call out Dana White and have them meet at 140Lbs 5+ for Rousey and 5- for Cyborg. That would make them even. The problem is that Dana White, whom is collecting the golden eggs that are popping out of Roussey's behind will not go for that, knowing that Roussey will look bad, as she would be picking up her teeth from the canvas.
    Be responsible and call it correct...and stop hiding behind the pant's zipper of Dana White. It makes you look effeminate.

  • Joe Pernice posted 103 days ago

    Joe  Pernice

    Did you actually watch the fight? It wasn't one-way in favor of the Dutch girl; Justino beat the hell out of her.
    Your perception that she is now "damaged goods" doesn't hold water; she lost a Muy Thai fight to a 38-fight world champ, who was hanging on to dear life at the end. She got her ass kicked too, my friend. This wasn't MMA and people in the know see that.
    With proper training, a rematch would be a slaughter; the Dutch girl couldn't handle Justino's power and she hit the canvas as often as Justino.
    Kudos to her (Justino) for being confident and game enough to take this woman on; it wasn't a dominating performance in my mind.
    As for Cyborg vs. Rousey: if she makes 135, it's on, and will be the biggest PPV ever; White knows that.
    And really? I want to see her rematch this Dutch girl ... it'll never happen, but I'd put my money on Cyborg; she got beat, but a rematch would be insane to watch; she'd kill that chick.

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