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Jonathan Snowden is a Bleacher Report lead writer. He's a former radio DJ and television producer who worked for the White House Communications Agency in Washington, D.C. He currently works for the Department of Defense.

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  • Andrew Becker posted 2 days ago

    Andrew Becker

    That's because old Vinny has turned into a senile old man that lets idiots (i.e Kevin Dunn) lead him around like a dog on a leash.

  • Andrew Becker posted 3 days ago

    Andrew Becker

    Well, Jonathan, like you predicted at the end of your grading of the Rumble, the whole WWE Network has pretty much collapsed because of the amount of people canceling their subscription. The only reason I'm keeping mine active is because I like NXT, but after it runs out, i'm probably done. The servers actually had crashed, and couldn't be accessed at around 12 am, so... Just thought you'd find that funny.

  • Jon Toyne posted 25 days ago

    Jon Toyne

    I love when writers say that this person or that person is the GOAT. Look at it this way: Oscar Robertson was considered the GOAT in basketball back in his time. Then came along Michael Jordan and now most believe he's the GOAT. Now that LeBron James came into the picture, some our now re-examining whether James will become the GOAT. Just like in basketball, the same thing is happening now in MMA. When MMA came on the scene, everyone thought that Royce Gracie was the greatest. Then along came GSP. Then Anderson Silva took the title. Now it Jon Jones is the GOAT. Hell, for even good measure, let's through Fedor in there, since some thought he was the GOAT as well. What's funny is in about a 20 year span, there are many "GOATs" that have popped in MMA. I can only imagine in 20 years from now how many more "GOATs" will pop up. The reason I can't stand the acronym "GOAT" is that it just seems like in some sports (such as MMA), the GOAT title changes hands so rapidly. I don't think so many people are "haters", I think they are just tired of hearing the GOAT title thrown around all the time.

  • Will Posthumus posted 65 days ago

    Will Posthumus

    Hey Jonathan, I appreciated your Survivor Series review. The one difference in opinion (or question really) i had was, why didn't you point out the obvious 3-year story telling twist they took with Brie Bella kissing AJ Lee before the squash and title exchange? As I fan I found it hilarious that this came full-circle after it happened between AJ and Brie's now-husband Daniel Bryan. AJ Lee is the more deserving Champion...but for comedy, irony, and a pay-off that consistent fans of the WWE brand can appreciate, this whole scenario deserved more than a "it just was" C grade.

  • Not Sure posted 97 days ago

    Not Sure

    "Know who's more famous than Dennis Siver and a more interesting test for Conor McGregor? Clay Guida. Wonder why UFC might not like that?"

    I don't know what you're driving at (I'd have to guess you want Conor to face high level boring wet blanket lay and pray, since that seems to be your thing?) but I think Siver is a better fighter than Guida, take out a BS SD win over Hatsu Hioki and he's 1 for his last 6, with losses to every name fighter he's fought. He doesn't belong in a bout with an up and coming contender, really a ridiculous suggestion.

  • Not Sure posted 103 days ago

    Not Sure

    Neer was just defending himself. It's the responsibility of the fighter on top to make things happen.

  • Chinmay posted 110 days ago


    Hi Jonathan, I just wanted to let you know that I greatly admire your work on Wrestling. It's rare find writers on the Internet, who do understand and appreciate the history and the heritage of the business. David Shoemaker "The Masked Man" of Grantland is someone else that comes to mind.

    Anyway, please continue the good work.

  • davian castanet posted 110 days ago

    davian castanet

    Mr Snowden, I wanted to ask your opinion. I have allot of them so u might hear from me for a while. But I value your take and I like some of your articles. I am not a TNA fan. I casually watch every once in a while. To me TNA is becoming WWE Jr. But, this week I happen to catch the end of the show. There was a no DQ 3 way Tag Team TLC match for the championship. It was a no holds barred brawl, featured at least 4 former WWE stars. There were tables, and chairs, and dare devil moves. It was, to me, far above any match I have seen WWE produce in the past few years. It was pure attitude era. Unless the crowds we see on RAW, the crowd came constantly unglued. They were shouting AWESOME! over and over. It was a truly unforgettable match. Its bad enough that WWE's ego doesnt allow them to sign big names in the name of youth movements and yet they keep bringing back the Rock, and Hulk, and now Stone Cold, and Sting, blah, blah. But it seems WWE is incapable or unwilling to pick up the level of their matches. Even the steel cage matches not too long ago that WWE has put on, pale in comparison. And perhaps another time,I can address the poor use of their talent. First, did u catch the end of this weeks TNA, and second, why dont we see that level at all anymore on WWE?

  • Sorry, not personal, just thought this needed to be said. In my opinion, you should not write another wrestling article in your lifetime. Calling Brie Bella vs Steph the greatest diva match in WWE history (or even top five). Saying that Swagger can't wrestle and isn't over while the crowd chanted USA, We the people and even Let's go Swagger throughout the match. Attempting to be funny. Saying that Jericho should leave so that WWE can focus on new stars, WHILE he is in the process of putting over a new star. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Rob Marino posted 204 days ago

    Rob Marino

    You may want to re-configure some of your rankings on the top pound-for-pound fighters with the beating Chris Weidman gave Machida this past weekend. Machida might be able to stay in the top 20-25, but Chris Weidman has to move up and into top 10 after that showing sir. It's odd, in hindsight, how you have The All-American ranked 15, and The Dragon ranked 14 a month before their fight, with now what looks like a much bigger gap in Weidman's favor. You also might want to pump up his striking stats a bit more after out-striking Lyoto, who i'm sure has ever been out stuck to such a degree.

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