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  • Norman S. Weinfeld posted 1457 days ago

    Norman S. Weinfeld

    Mr. Jue,

    Hope this isn't a duplicate note. I wrote initially but hadn't logged in and when I did, it had disappeared. At any rate, I very much enjoyed your article on the upcoming Timberwolves game against the Warriors. Most informative. One nit, however. On page 5, paragraph 4, next-to-last line, I think you meant "instrumental," not "incremental."


    Norman S. Weinfeld

  • Leonardo Splinter posted 2091 days ago

    Leonardo Splinter


  • Leonardo Splinter posted 2091 days ago

    Leonardo Splinter

    Thanks for the edit! Can something be done about the title? It reads "Who Should Kane Should Feud with Next?" One too many "should."

  • Farzin Vousoughian posted 2096 days ago

    Farzin Vousoughian

    Thanks for the edit, Nathaniel!

  • Patrick Hansen posted 2104 days ago

    Patrick Hansen

    Thanks a lot for the edits!

  • Patrick Bousky posted 2104 days ago

    Patrick Bousky

    Hey Nathaniel,

    Thanks a lot for the edits in my article, it's always appreciated when editors take the time to help with any errors we have missed.

    Thanks again,


  • Ching Ping cheung posted 2112 days ago

    Ching Ping cheung

    You are right that he is only a kid, not only in his external appearance, but also he has the purity, a naive heart, simple humility, and love of a team spirit! He even loves his enemies -- those who tried to degrade him with racism and jealousy. He is like a kid among all the cruel and savages beasts, yet he is not afraid and continues to dash himself into the beasts during the critical moments in order to save his team. Even after Joe Kidd, the point guard of the former champion Dallas Mavericks, pulled Lin's hair from behind and dropped him dangerously into the floor to stop him from laying the ball into the basket, Lin suffered heavily but did not get angry. His bravery can be matched by many players in NBA, but his forgiveness can never be matched. This are only part of the reasons why people love him beyond the NBA and beyond sports!

  • Ching Ping cheung posted 2113 days ago

    Ching Ping cheung

    The world's and national interests in the Knicks, New York, and NBA are gone completely when Linderella is ended. It is a tragedy to them, but not to Lin because Lin is a hero who disappears in the tragedy. Remember the grave yard stone for Linsanity shown by the New York news media some time ago before Lin's injury? That grave yard stone is actually for the Knicks, New York, and for the entire NBA! As for Lin himself, he is beyond the Knicks, beyond New York, and beyond NBA! Hero will never dies because he represents the American Dreams for all people, Chinese and non-Chinese, minority and non-minority!

  • Mick Ciallela posted 2118 days ago

    Mick Ciallela

    Hey Nathaniel. Thanks for the edit and the feedback! Much appreciated!

  • Vin Getz posted 2119 days ago

    Vin Getz

    Thanks for the BD edit, Nathaniel! And, yum, that food looks good.