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Aspiring Sports Journalist currently studying at the University of the West of Scotland in Hamilton, Scotland. Passionate about basketball which all began with James Johnson's game-winning buzzer-beater in a Bulls vs Jazz pre-season friendly in London in 2009. I started out as a pretty big Chicago Bulls fan, but since I started writing about the sport I've ended up watching games every night of the week (the joys of league pass and no morning classes!).

After finishing my degree at University, I hope to move to the US to cover NBA Basketball for a major news outlet.

Contact me:
Twitter: @Peeeter_Owen
Or just drop me a message on here!

All views expressed here are my own and not necessarily shared by my University or Bleacher Report

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  • Evan Korreia posted 2043 days ago

    Evan Korreia

    Your articles are awful. You commit so many fallacies and mistakes. Your bias is clearly shown in your articles, and you are just a terrible writer, sorry but you are trash.

  • kane ali posted 2120 days ago

    kane ali

    I read some of your other articles to be fair, and they are pretty solid. I was a little harsh, but it honestly seemed like they made someone who has never watched a Miami Heat game, write an analytical article about there center/PF situation. It was still a horrible article, but you yourself don't seem inept.

  • kane ali posted 2120 days ago

    kane ali

    I am stunned anyone let's you write about sports. I may have just read one of the worst articles about the NBA of all time, and it was written by you. Honestly, it was horrendously researched, with fallacious claims throughout. I would reccomend actually knowing something about the subject you are writing about, before coercing BandR to publish your article.

  • Gary Petersen posted 2181 days ago

    Gary Petersen

    Yeah I had no idea how big this site actually is, it's unreal!

    I never knew they covered more than just NBA, NFL, MLB etc. If I did I would have been on here months ago!

    Just need to think of something to write about for my application. What did you do? and is it to be more than one piece?