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A sports writer covering the world football, the americano football, the NBA, the NHL, the golf, the tennis, the stories of the day from my rebel bases on the East Coast, USA.

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  • 1Brunette2Go posted 973 days ago


    Go Gators :)

  • gabe vino posted 1003 days ago

    gabe vino

    U met Pele??????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex TK posted 1019 days ago

    Alex TK

    You are welcome, Dan. It was a great piece.

  • Sam Lopresti posted 1153 days ago

    Sam Lopresti

    Thank's for the fan love, Daniel! It's great working beside a great writer as this tournament gets closer.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1164 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thank you Daniel. I really appreciate that. Cheers!

  • Michael Cerna posted 1165 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Daniel,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your article on the Copa del Rey final. Great work!



  • richard Mano posted 1168 days ago

    richard Mano

    Too young to appreciate Unitas, but if there was a Jordan for the original NFL Johnny U. would have been the avatar.

  • Ryan Day posted 1174 days ago

    Ryan Day

    Thanks for the liking the article on Ireland, Daniel. Really appreciate it!

  • Angelo Caparros posted 1312 days ago

    Angelo Caparros

    You're welcome again. Good luck!

  • Angelo Caparros posted 1312 days ago

    Angelo Caparros

    P.S. You should put your article on Barcelona's page instead of the general international footie page. I think you'd get lots more reads. I just happened to come across your nice article and I'm glad I did, but targeted the Barca audience would get you more exposure.