Dan Tavern

Dan Tavern


I hunt, fish, and drink beer. I wipe my mouth with the sleeve of my checkered shirt, and I settle disagreements with my fists! I drink enough so that the old bitty with the sagging titties who sits in the corner of the bar, perfumed heavily in Salem 100s, looks like a Playboy pinup. My machismo wins her heart, and I have my way with her!

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  • Bobbi posted 1540 days ago


    Nice intro Dan! :)

  • Stud Lee posted 1564 days ago

    Stud Lee

    Kumar is MILD compared to what Michael Keller and Will have done for a couple years.....and they're Bronco and Jets fans who follow TT's name in articles to trash. They've changed their tune lately .....afraid of looking dumb if / when BB keeps him.
    Which of course I sure hope happens.

  • Julio Jones posted 1575 days ago

    Julio  Jones

    Thanks for the well done post on the Tebow / QB article. Great into. Many, as you know, want to ignore any facts that don't prove their intense dislike. Thanks.

  • seawrestle posted 1670 days ago


    your pathetic