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Richard Danko

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I am a semi-retired Consultant (to the Baking Industry) living in Sedona, AZ. I was born in the Pittsburgh, PA area. My wife Sharon and I have lived in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Metro-New York areas. I am a devoted fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs only because a distant relative on my Mother's side of the family (Rube Kroh) played on the 1908 Cubs team. If the name sounds familiar, he was a secondary participant in Merkle's Boner. am currently writing a book about Rube's life and can only say, “He may have only played in the Majors for 12 years, but he had an interesting life, including many years in the minors, and heroic service in World War One. I am a member of SABR and very interested in the Deadball Era in baseball history. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with similar interests.

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